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World History 1

Pre-History Vocabulary

Neolithic Revolution when humans discovered plant and animal domestication (aka farming) and began to settle in permanent settlements
animal domestication this occurred because of the Neolithic Revolution; when humans breed wild animals in order to create a new, tamer species
artifact any object or man-made item which humans "leave behind"
Australopithecus "Lucy"; an extinct hominid species which is related to modern day Homo Sapiens
Catal Huyek one of the world's first permanent communities; located in modern day Turkey
cave paintings these images give us clues about life during the Paleolithic Age
Hominids any ancestors of Homo Sapiens; Ex: Australopithecus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Neanderthal
Jericho on of the worlds first cities located in the fertile crescent/Mesopotamia
Neanderthals homonids who lived on Earth with early Homo sapiens
Neolithic Age the time during Pre-history when humans began to farm and build permanent settlements
nomadic people who move around in search of food, like the hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic Age
Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age) the earliest period in pre-history when humans were nomadic hunter-gatherers
plant domestication the breeding of wild plants so that they can be farmed
radio-carbon dating the scientific process used by archaeologists to determine the age of natural materials (like fossils)
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