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Joint Exam


What muscle does this test? shoulder abducted to 90 degrees against resistance of downward pressure deltoid
What muscle does this test? shoulder at 90 degrees of abduction and 30 decgrees of forward flexion, thumb down, agiant resistance of downward pressure supraspinatus
What muscle does this test? arm at side and 30 degrees of external rotation against resistance infraspinatus
What muscle does this test? hand behing back and lift against resistanceAKA the lift-off-test subscapularis
What muscle does this test? downward pressure of the arm with the shoulder in forward flexion to 120 degrees...palpate scapula serratis anterior
What muscle does this test? hands on hips and push forward against the pts elbow from behind; palpate scapula rhomboid
Muscle involved in elbow FLEXION biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis
Muscles involved in elbow EXTENSION triceps, anconeus
Muscles involved in elbow SUPINATION supinator, biceps, brachioradialis
Muscles involved in elbow PRONATION pronator teres, pronator quadratus
Common term for lateral epicondylitis "Tennis Elbow"
Common term for medial epicondylitis "Golfer's Elbow"
What does snuff box tenderness indicate? scaphoid fracture
Test? Striking the pt's wrist to reproduce a tingling sensation into the hand Tinel's Sign
What is Tinel's sign positive for? Carpel Tunnel
What nerve is compressed in Carpel Tunnel Median Nerve
Test? Have pt hold their hands back to back with wrists bent for one minute to see it it reprodcues numbness/parastesias in hand Phalen Test
What does a positive Phalen test indicate? Carpel Tunnel
Test? Have pt grip a piece of papers with both hands so that the thumbs are on top. Pull away and see if the pt can gold on Froment Sign
What does a positive Froment Sign indicate? Ulnar palsy
What does a positive Valgus Stress Test indicate ( pushing the pt's lower extremity laterally) MCL
What does the Varus Stress Test assess? (pushing hte pts lower extremity medially) LCL
What does a positive anterior drawer sign indicate? ACL tear
What does a positive Lachmans Test indicate? ACL tear
What does a positive Posterior Drawer sign indicate? PCL tear
Holding the pts knees and passively flexing and extending the knee a "click" or "pop" is felt. What does this indicate? (McMurray Test) A possible medial meniscus or lateral meniscus tear
What 3 bones form the shoulder girdle? Humerus, scapula, clavicle
glenohumeral ligaments: what motion does the anterior limit? extension
glenohumeral ligaments: what motion does the posterior limit? flexion
glenohumeral ligaments: what motion does the superior limit? external rotation
What protects teh superior humeral head and tendons of the rotator cuff: also involved in shoulder impingement syndrome Coracoacromia arch
What does a "Step-off" deformity indicate? AC dislocation
A pt has a flattened deltoid muscle. What does it indicate? dislocation
A pt has a sulcus sign. What does it indicate? instability
Your pt stands facing the wall and pushes against it. He has noticable and uneven "winging of his scapula" (meaning the inferior border is really pointing out at you). What does this indicate? Serratus anterior weakness
Your pt has a high riding scapula. What is this deformity called? Sprengel's deformity
Your patient begins actively abducting his shoulder and experiences pain. You passively abduct his shoulder and he does not feel pain. His pain is caused by... muscle
What is a painful arc? The range of degrees through a motion where the pt feels pain
What test do you have your pt touch their opposite AC joint, spine of scapula and inferior angle of scapula? Apley's ROM test: AKA Scrath Test
You passively abduct your pt's shoulder and passively externally rotate it while applying force. The pt is apprehensive. What is the name of this test Apprehension Test
What does a positive apprehension test indicate? Pain OR instability = tyr relocate release test
You repeat the apprehension test but this time stabalize the humoral head. Your pt does not have apprenhsions. What does that indicate? Positive Relocate Release Test: the positive apprehension test was bc of anterior GH instability and not because of pain
You stabalize the shoulder and move it back and forth. What are you testing? Load and Shift test: anterior and posterior GH joint instability
You distract the GH joint of your pts shoulder and there is a dip. What does it indicate? Positive Sulcus sign: inferior shoulder instability
Applying pressure to the biceps tendon in the shoulder and then have the pt extend the shoulder agianst resistance. You feel snapping or he experiences pain. What does this indicate? Positive Speed's/Yergeson's Test: biceps tendon instability
What two test assess a rotator cuff lesion? Empty Can and Drop Arm
What two tests assess ACL tear? Anterior Drawer and Lachman Test
What two tests assess Carpal Tunnel? Tinel's Sign and Phalen's Test?
What fingers are affected in Carpal Tunnel? Thumb, index, middle and 1/2 ring finger
What does a positive Neer Impingement test indicate? Shoulder impingement (pain or apprehension)
What 3 tests assess Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? Allen's Test, Halstead Maneuver, Adson Maneuver
During which test for thoracic outlet syndrome does the pt abduct and externally roatate their arm while looking away? Allen's Test
During which test for thoracic outlet syndrome does the pt extend and externally roate one arm while turing away? Halstead Maneuver
During what test for thoracic outlet syndrome does the pt extend and externally rotate their arm while looking toward the arm and holding a deep breath? Adson Maneuver
Created by: mczarko