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Africa & Mesoamerica

Ancient Africa & Mesoamerica

Gold, salt, glass, ceramics, copper, and palm olive oil were valuable trading resources for which African empire? Ghana
Which African empire was the largest in size and the most wealthiest? Songhai
Which of the African empires is the largest in size? Songhai
What two major characteristics do all three African empires have in common? They traded gold and were all located in West Africa
Which two empires are responsible for spreading Islam, developing learning centers and trading gold and salt? Ghana and Mali
What type of government did Ghana, Mali, and Songhai possess? Monarchy
What prefix is defined as "the middle" in Greek? Meso
What is another name for Central America? Mesoamerica
What groups of Native Americans lived in ancient Mesoamerica? Maya, Inca, and Aztec
Which Native American groups of Mesomerica is the earliest civilization? Maya
Which Mesomaerican group invented stone roads, temples, and sacred rope supsension bridges? Inca
Which Mesoamerican group allowed human sacrifices of the most beautiful women and/or the strongest men of their civilization? Inca
Which two Native American civilizations both used large earth mounds for burial reasons? Mississippi and Adena
Which Native American culture lived in northeast & midwwest areas of the U.S.; used canoes to travel and trade along rivers; and were farmers, hunters, and gatherers? Hopewell
Which Native American culture was also known as the "Anasazi" and lived in adobe buildings made of clay along the mountainside? Pueblo
What is irrigation? Water filled trenches used as a watering system for crops and domesticating animals
What is another word for "adapt?" adjust
What is migration? to move from one location to another following a food source
How would you describe the religion of the Mesoamerican cultures; Inca, Maya, and Aztec? Polytheistic
The Mayas used (BLANK), a series of steps along the side of a hill, as fields for crops. Terraces
What main influence did gold have on the early African empires? Gold brought in other trade goods from various countries
What is a caravan? A group of merchants traveling with animals, carts, and goods along the trade route for safety reasons.
How would a "savanna" be described? grassy plains
What is the largest desert in Africa called? The Sahara Desert
What is similar about the fall of the Aztec and Inca civilizations? They both were conquered by Spanish explorers
What is "Quipo" (KEY-poo)? A system of knots on a rope or string for record keeping
What is a canal? an artificial waterway used for the passing of boats and used for irrigation.
What do you call the belief of only one god or higher being? monotheism
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