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History mid-term

9th grade

Ancient civilization dealing with civil service tests China
Ancient civilization dealing with wheeled carts or vehicles Mesopotamia
Ancient civilization dealing with legions formed as military Rome
Ancient civilization dealing with modern day Iraq Mesopotamia
Ancient civilization dealing with worshiping the sun god Amon Re Egypt
Ancient civilization dealing with the hard time of managing all of their land because of its geography Greece
Ancient civilization dealing with the first set of written laws Mesopotamia
Religion that was most prevalent in Europe during the middle ages Christianity
Where the crusades were and how long they lasted Jerusalem and 200 years
The plague's most common symptoms sores/buboes
How the plague got to Europe By trade ships with rats and fleas
What was the inquisition and it's impact? It was court trials that made people stop thinking in radical religious views
Machiavelli's thoughts on leadership Do whatever you have to do to remain in control
What did Erasmus do to the bible? Wrote it in the common Greek language
Who was the most famous patron in all of Florence? Medici
A worldly person Thinks fact over faith. Focuses on clothes and money.
Michelangelo Painted Sistine chapel
Leonardo Painted Mona Lisa
Copernicus Sun-centered universe theory
Galileo Invented the telescope
John Calvin Predestination
Martin Luther Created protestant church
King Henry the 8th Wanted to nullify his wife and he separated from the Catholic church.
Specialization People trained or skilled in a particular area
Recant take back
Hierarchy Characteristics of social classes
Scribe Paid to read and write
Polytheism Belief in many gods
Artisian Someone skilled at making something
Bureaucracy Division of jobs in a government
Dynasty ruling family
What were most ancient civilization located near? rivers
Magellan first to sail around the world
Malinche translated for Cortes
Hernan Cortez Conquered the Aztecs in Mexico
Conquistadors Spanish conquorer
Cartopgrapher map maker
Raw materials natural items used to make manufactured goods
The countries involved in the triangle trade route Africa, North America, and Europe
The country that benefited most from the triangle trade Europe
Middle Passage route slaves took to America over the Atlantic Ocean
The 3 G's of exploration gold, God, glory
Moctzuma leader of the aztecs
John Locke believed people were born moral and should limit government
Thomas Hobbes Believed people were greedy and selfish
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense
Montesquieu Protect liberty and divide government (Executive, legislative, judicial)
Voltaire Philosopher that says, "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it."
Rousseau States that society can corrupt people
Natural Rights Given to you when you were born
Taxtion against representaion Colonists resented British taxes
Which philosophers ideas showed up in the Declaration of Independence? Locke
The French Revolution happened during what other revolution? American Revolution
What did other countries call the French Revolution? French plague
Bastille Symbol of French Revolution with guns in the basement
Why did France go into debt? Queen spent money on unneeded goods
Explain the estate system Provides social structure. 3rd estate provided money, and the 1st estate had all of the money
Jacques Necker and why was he fired? Worked for Louis the 16th and was fired because his tax plan was unexceptable
Who was effected most by the inflation in food prices 3rd estate
How did the American revolution affect the French revolution took away money and caused a financial crisis
Communism Government controls everything
Socialism Everyone has a say
Capitalism Buisness is controlled by private owner. Could win or lose money
Laissez Faire Government Hands off
Malthus Wants to limit population and it's not the governments job to help the poor
Marx Founder of communism. Few rich, many poor.
Ricardo No matter what, the working class is doomed. Believed if you give them money, they will just have more babies.
Owen Socialist government called eutopia
Mill Votes and decides issues
Created by: lyndseyjeffries