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Ch. 7 test Review

Why were colonies established by Greece? They could not grow enough food to feed their growing population.
Minoans made there living at what job? Trade
The Greek alphabet was based on the one created by what other civilization? Phoenician
Sparta's economy was based on what type of work? agriculture
King Cyrus of Persia controlled many areas around Greece but they did not control what city states? Sparta and Athens
Which Greek tyrant became popular by giving land to landless farmers? Peisistratus
How did Sparta beat Athens in the Peloponnesian War? Destroyed their navel fleet and blocked the city.
What was the Dark Ages? People stopped reading and writing and trade and farming failed.
What did the Mycenaeans learn from the Minoans? navigating by the sun and stars
Who carried out the assembly's laws in the Athenian government? ten generals
What Persian king invaded Greece at Marathon? Darius
What Persian king built a strong army and expanded the Empire? Cyrus
What leader of Athens made it more democratic? Pericles
What Persian king led his arm at the Battle of Salamis? Xerxes
Who is the Spartan king that led 7,000 soldiers at Thermopylae? Leonidas
Who was the citizen of Athens that ended farmer's debt and freed slaves? Solon
Who was qualified to be a citizen? free, native- born men who owned land
How was life for a boy in Athens different from life for a boy in Sparta? School for Athenian boys and military training for Spartan boys
Why did the Persian Empire decline? losses to Greece and disagreements among the rulers over power
Created by: aseamans66