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East,South Asia Test

Eastern and Southeastern Asia

Buddha= Awakening
Buddha was born in ______ and died in ____;his alter ego is _________ _________ 563 B.C.E Siddhartha Gautama
The Four Passing Sights of Buddhism 1. Old Age 2. Diseased Man 3. Corpse 4. Monk (gave him hope)
What is the Middle Way? (Buddhism) Rejected extreme asceticism Healthy spiritual life depends on a healthy physical life
What are the 4 noble truths? 1. To live is to suffer. Suffering is caused by desire. Suffering can be brought to Cessation. The solution to suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path
The Noble Eightfold path is the cure for suffering. Recite the Eightfold Path. Please. 1. Right views 2. Right Intentions 3. Right speech 4. Right Conduct 5. Right Livelihood 6. Right Effort 7. Right Meditation 8. Right Mindfulness
What are the Three Jewels of Buddhism? 1. Buddha 2. Dharma (his teachings) 3. Sangha
What are the Three Marks of Existence of Buddhism? 1. Anatta- "no-self", the essence of Buddhism is that their is no essence. 2. Anicca- "Impermanence" Existence is constantly flowing like a river. You didn't exist 10 years ago. 3. Dukkha- "Suffering"
What are the Five Precepts of Buddhism? There are actually five more that Monks have to follow, but don't worry about those. 1. Do not take life 2. Don't take what isn't given 3. Don't engage in sensuous conduct 4. Do not use false speech 5. Do not drink intoxicants
Briefly describe the sect of Buddhism known as Theravada "The Way of the Elders" Prevalent in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand Follows the earliest exts of Buddhism Emphasizes that the teachings of Buddha, not the figure of Buddha, are most important Has Arhats
Briefly describe the sect of Buddhism known as Mahayana "The Great Vehicle" Largest Division of Buddhism, Well over 1/2, Dominant in Japan, China, and Korea Focuses on Buddha's figure more than his teachings Reveres Bodhisattvas Can enter Nirvana, but stop short in effort to help others achieve it
Mandalas (Buddhism)- Patterned icons that visually excite
Mudras (Buddhism)- Choreographed hand movements that draw on the energies of movement
Mantras (Buddhism)- Resonating chants that harness spiritual potency of sound
Explain what the Dalai Lama is (Vajrayana Buddhism)- Head of a hierarchy of clergy of Vajrayana
Briefly describe the sect of Buddhism known as Vajrayana "The Vehicle of the Diamond Scepter" Smallest Believe they can attain nirvana right here, right now Majority in Tibet Many Vajrayana Buddhists have been killed
Describe Buddha's key events leading up to his enlightenment 29- leaves family and home Desires to put end to suffering Renounced his lifestyle Learned meditation but was not satisfied Starvation lead him to still not be happy Discovers Middle Way
Describe Buddha's Enlightenment Sits under Bodhi tree Meditated Saw his past lives Perceived death Discovered Four Noble Truths, attained enlightenment, was "awakened" Could attain nirvana but chose to stay on earth out of compassion
What was Confucius's real name? When was he born and when did he die? WHat was his life story, how did he grow up, what did he do? K'ung Fu-Tzu 551-479 b.c. He came from poor lineage Became public official then quit and wandered
What is TAR? Tibet Autonomous Region
After Confucius or K'ung Fu-Tzu's death, his writings were complied and were called the __________ Analects
Who is considered as the second founder of Confucianism? Mencius
What does "Chun-Tzu" mean? Mature person
List the Five Constant Relationships (Confucianism) 1. Father-Son 2. Ruler-Subject 3. Husband-Wife 4. Old-Young 5. Faith between Friends
Describe Confucius's Character Eager student and diligent teacher who lived a full and joyful life. Character is clearly depicted the Analects
Describe how Confucius grew up as far as what he did and what jobs he had Mother educated him Became a teacher Became a public official Quit, then wandered for 13 years and died He was pretty much a failure until way in the future
WHat did Confucius believe in? What did he think was right I mean When dealing with enemy, you use love, not justice to overcome him Worshiping ancestors
Who is Lao Tzu? The founder of Taoism
Who is Chuang Tzu? The secondary founding figure of Taoism
What does "Tao" mean The Way of Nature
What is Wu-Wei? "Actionless Activity" Avoiding tendency to act is more effective
What is Yin? Negative; Passive; Feminine; Earthy component; dark
What is Yang? Positive; Active; Masculine; Heavenly Component; Light
What is Sage? One who would dress for weather not fashion requirements and practices naturalism
What are the two primary Taoist texts? Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu
What does the Tao Te Ching (text of Taoism) hold in it? Kind of what it's about but it has these phrases called __________ that are confusing on the surface but have a much deeper meaning in the long run paradoxes
What is the Chuang Tzu (Second text of Taoism) all about? Relativity of things. Who is to say what is good, or ought to be done without considering the circumstances? Filled with stories of Chuang Tzu
The British colonial banking city that recently reverted to China is ______ _____ Hong Kong
In Mongolia. large, round, felt-covered tents are called _______ Yurts
Considered the dominant shipping port of the Southeast Asia since 1819, it is the richest of Asia's "little dragons": Singapore
The name of the guiding principle used in North Korea, means "self-reliant" Juche
Was the leader of the communist revolution in China: Mao Zedong
This cone-shaped, snow-covered mountain is probably the most familiar graphic symbol of Japan: Mt. Fuji
This North Korea leader ruled over his people for almost half a century and when he died the position of president was assigned "eternally" to him Kim il Sung
T or F: Technically the two Koreas are still at war T
T or F: one has to be issued a government pass to enter the capital city of Pyong-yang T
T or F: The Great Wall can be seen from space F (Sorry Malouf)
T or F: The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest hydro-electric power station T
T or F: North Korea is still trying to successfully test a nuclear weapon T
T or F: The 38th parallel is the dividing line between Vietnam and Laos T
What vehicle (branch) of Buddhism is widespread in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand? Theravada
Tibet is the homeland of this vehicle (branch) and its spiritual leader is the Dalai Lama Vajrayana
This vehicle (branch) is the prevalent form of Buddhism in in China, Korea, and Japan Mahayana
This vehicle (branch) of Buddhism is called "The Great Vehicle" Mahayana
Mandalas and mudras help propel one to Nirvana in this vehicle (branch) of Buddhism Vajrayana
The Tradition of the Elders is featured in this vehicle (branch) of Buddhism Theravada
The title "Buddha" means: Awakened one
The Buddha believed that salvation must be won through: determined efforts of the human mind
When the Buddha looked depp within himself, he discovered what? everything is in a constant state of change
The Buddha was born around when? 563 B.C.E (BC)
The first Buddhist monastic community was called the: Sangha
Which of the following is NOT one of the Three Marks of Existence?KarmaAnattaAnnicaDukkha Karma
The Eightfold path includes all of the following except for:Views and intentionsSpeech and conductLivelihood and effortLove and forgiveness Love and forgiveness
Strict following of proper etiguette and ritual are factors of which of these three religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Confucianism
Flexibility and informalness, and the theory of less is more are factors of which of these three religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Taoism
The principle virtue of this religion is wu-wei. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Taoism
Dharma (tecahings) are part of this religion. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Buddhism
the ideal person in this religion is the arhat. What religion is it? Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Buddhism
The right conduct and right livelihood are principles in this religion. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Buddhism
The second founder of this religion is Mencius. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Confucianism
K'ung Fu-Tzu played a hughe role in this religion. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Confucianism
The founder of this religion is Lao-Tzu. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Taoism
The Five Constant Relationships is a religious principle in this religion. Is it Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? Confucianism
The state of eternal bliss that is the goal of all Buddhists Nirvana
Two classic Taoist Texts are: Tao te Ching and Chuang Tzu
List the Four Noble truths To live is to suffer Suffering is caused by desire Suffering can be brought to cessation Suffering is cured by the Noble Eightfold Path
Kim Il Sung is comaprable to stalin for what reasons? They both think the U.S. is evil Strict enforcers Propaganda
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