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ost 141 ch 4

med terminology

parasiticides agents that destroy parasites
onychomycosis fungal infection of the nail
hidradenitis inflammation of a sweat gland
lipedema excess fat and fluid in subcutaneous tissue (swelling)
keratolytics agents that soften the horny layer of the skin
keratoderma a horny skin or covering
anti-infectives agents that kill infectious agents
sarcolysis distruction of flesh
trichopathy any disease of the hair
sarcosis abnormal increase in flesh
onychomalacia softening of the nails
adipoma fatty tumor; lipoma
onychoma tumor of the nail or nail bed
onychophagia nail biting
trichology the study of the science of hair
histocyte a tissue cell
sarcoblast immature cell which develops into connective tissue
keratiasis the presence of horny warts on the skin
antifungals agents that destroy or suppress fungus
sarcoid resembling flesh
onychogenic producing nail substance
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
sarcoma tumor of fleshy or connective tissue
adipoid resembling fat; lipoid
trichoglossia a hairy condition of the tongue
antipruritics agents that relieve or prevent itching
keratogenous producing cells that result in horny tissue such as nails
dermatome an instrument for cutting skin or cutting thin transplants
dermomycosis fungal infection of the skin
histokinesis movement of tissues in the body
lipemia fat in the blood
historrhexis breaking up of tissue
adiposis obesity or corpulence
keratoma a tumor or growth of horny tissue
steatorrhea excessive flow of fat in the feces
histotoxic poisonous to tissue
dermatologist skin specialist
sarcogenic forming flesh
onychoptosis falling off of the nail
keratoid like or resembling horny skin
trichomycosis fungal infection of the hair
lipopenia deficiency of lipids (fat) in the body
onychosis disease of the nails
sarcopoietic producing flesh or muscle
trichalgia pain when hair is touched
dermatoautoplasty plastic surgery using one's own skin as replacement skin
hidropoiesis producing sweat
trichogenous producing hair
dermatosis any generalized skin disease
dermatophobia a morbid fear of acquiring a skin disorder
histology study of tissue
anti-inflammatories agents that suppress inflammation
histoneurology the histology (study of tissue) of the nervous system
adiposuria fat in the urine; lipuria
dermal pertaining to the skin
onychorrhexis splitting or rupture of the nails
topical anesthetics agents used on skin to dull the sense of pain
trichoschisis splitting of the hair
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