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Foy WH Ch. 9 Test

What man spent his life studying mathematics, especially geometry? Euclid
After the Persian Wars, what alliance did Athens join? Delian League
What city-state ultimately won the Peloponnesian War? Sparta
What subject were the Greeks known for studying first? history
Why was the Persian army so strong? it was well-organized and loyal
What happened to Alexander’s empire after he died? His generals fought for power and divided the empire among themselves.
What did Darius I do as soon as he took control of Persia? He killed all his rivals and worked to restore order.
What city-state was Sparta’s main rival in Greece? Athens
What emperor won independence for Persia from the Medes, marking the beginning of the Persian Empire? Cyrus the Great
What is true about the Macedonian army? They fought as a phalanx. They had longer spears than the Greeks. They had a cavalry and archers supporting a phalanx.
You follow the religion of your emperor, Darius. You believe there are two forces fighting for control of the universe: good and evil. What is the name of your religion? Zoroastrianism
Why is Alexander’s empire called Hellenistic? People were allowed to keep their own culture, so Greek and native customs blended.
What was the result of Darius being angry that the Greeks had aided a revolt against the Persians? He invaded Greece and started the Persian Wars.
Who became king of Macedonia, defeated Athens and conquered the rest of Greece after seeing Athens’ defeat? Phillip II
What were the responsibilities of a satrap? collecting taxes, putting down rebellions, serving as judges
What philosopher taught by asking questions, a technique we call the Socratic method? Socrates
What allowed the Greeks to win the Persian Wars? better weapons and more clever leaders
What philosopher believed moderation was based on reason, or clear and ordered thinking? Aristotle
Correct order of events in Alexander's reign: Ended the revolt in Thebes, conquered Egypt, defeated Persia, wanted to push into India but troops refused.
Who was the Greek doctor known for his ideas about how doctors should behave? Hippocrates
What two city-states worked together to win the Persian Wars? Sparta and Athens
What event started the Peloponnesian War? Sparta declared war on Athens when they tried to expand their empire.
What event ended the Persian Wars? The Spartans slowed the Persian army at Thermopylae.
When King Phillip II of Macedon died, who became king? Alexander
After the Persian Wars, what league did Sparta join? Peloponnesian League
You are a Persian soldier chosen for your bravery and skill. There are only 10,000 men in your unit and you are an elite fighting force. What is your unit called? Immortals
What are Greek paintings known for? realism and detail
What philosopher created a school, the Academy, to discuss ideas and also wrote The Republic to describe his ideal society? Plato
How was Cyrus able to keep people from rebelling against his strong empire? By letting his conquered people keep their own customs
Why did Greek statues look as though they could come to life at any time? Greek artists wanted to show how beautiful people could be.
What engineer made great discoveries, such as the water screw, which brought water to the fields? Archimedes
What was a main feature of Greek temples? tall columns
Although the men worked to improve their bodies, they had to devote only two years to the army. Athens
The girls received almost no education, because men didn’t think they needed to be educated. Athens
Daily life was dominated by the army, and boys were trained from an early age to be soldiers. Sparta
Courage, strength, self-discipline, and obedience were the most important qualities to have. Sparta
The women had fewer rights than women in many other city-states; in fact, they had hardly any at all. Athens
The government was set up to control the city’s healots. Sparta
Because the men were often at war, women had more rights than the other Greek women. Sparta
Created by: lfoy8290