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China Test Review

China Unit Test Review 1/29/16

What are 2 important rivers in China? Huang and Yangtze
Which river is known as the Yellow River? Huang
What makes the river yellow? Loess
What do you call a ruling family? Dynasty
What are the wise sayings of Confucious? Analects
This is the belief that people should live in harmony with nature and live a quiet, peaceful life: Taoism
Stands for light and dark, good and evil, and opposing forces in the world: Yin and Yang
This is a form of Chinese writing: Calligraphy
This is a green-colored stone: Jade
These were used to predict the future: Oracle Bones
What did soldiers, criminals, and common people all help to build? The Great Wall of China
The lowest level of the social ladder in China was what? Merchants
What was the name of the trade route that connected China to the West? The Silk Road
Name 3 barriers that helped to protect China: Gobi Desert, Himalayas, The Great Wall
What happened to workers who died while building The Great Wall? They were buried within the wall.
What was the nickname of The Great Wall? The longest/largest cemetery in the world
Where does the thread used to make silk come from? caterpillars
The Chinese have great respect for who? elders(older people) and ancestors
China is located on which continent? Asia
What is important about gun powder, the compass, and paper? These were all Chinese inventions
What was the purpose of the Terra Cotta army? To protect the emperor in the after life
The building of The Great Wall is an example of which feature of civilization? Arts and Architecture
Who was the first emperor? Qin
What was the name of the palace where emperors and their servants lived? The Forbidden Cty
What was the purpose of the Great Wall? To keep the Mongols from invading
This is the belief that the government should rule with force, and people should work to serve the government or ruler. Legalism
This is the belief that all people should be treated with respect and fairness by their ruler. Confucianism
What were Shang, Zhou, and Qin? Dynasties
What river is sometimes known as "China's Sorrow?" Huang
The Great Wall protected travelers along what road? Silk Road
The Chinese people believed in what mythical creature? Dragon
What is the name of the group of nomads who often raided China? Mongols
What did the Chinese first use as signal warnings for the army? Kites
What invention did the Chinese keep secret for hundreds of years? Silk
This person is remembered for his wise sayings: Confucious
This was a "yellowish" soil from the Gobi desert: Loess
Created by: Mrs.Luck