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Coding Chapter 14-Pregnancy terms

What is abortion? the expulsion or extraction from the uterus of all or part of the products of conception
What is pregnancy? the state of a female after conception until the birth (delivery)of the child
What is delivery? when the product of conception is expelled from the uterus through the vagina into the world
What is the difference between abortion and early onset of delivery? early onset: delivery of a liveborn infant weighing less than 500g or having completed less than 22 weeks gestation. aboriton: if the infant was not liveborn, weighing less than 500g
Preterm Delivery is? delivery before 37 completed weeks of gestation
Term Delivery? delivery between 38-40 completed weeks of gestation
Postterm Delivery? Delivery between 41-42 weeks of completed weeks of gestation
Prolonged Delivery? delivery for a pregnancy that has advanced beyond 42 completed weeks of gestation
Postpartum or the puerperium period begins when? immediately after delivery and continues for 6 weeks
What are the 4 stages of delivery? 1st stage-dilation stage, 2nd-expulsion stage, 3rd-placental stage, 4th stage
Describe the 1st stage of delivery: is the dilation stage and begins with the onset of uterine contractions until the os is completely dilated and is flush with the vagina; completing the birth canal
Describe the 2nd stage of delivery: the expulsion stage, extends from the end of the first stage until the delivery of the infant is completed
Describe the 3rd stage of delivery: the placental stage, extends from the expulsion stage until the placena and membranes are expelled
Describe the 4th stage of delivery: denotes the hour or two after delivery when uterine tone is established
What is ectopic pregnancy? when the ovum is implanted outside the uterus rather than inside
What is missed abortion? when the fetus has died in the uterus before completion of 22 weeks gestation, with retention in the uterus
What is spontaneous abortion? presentation or expulsion of all or parts of the products of conception
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