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History test +

Who were the first people of Babylonia Amorites
What did Hammurabi unify From PersianGuf to Syria
Set u law code of two sections called what Retaliation in kind which is the same class and Law of Penalty according to Rank which is different classes.
Hammurabi gave what to society? law code, astronomy. economic system
What did Hammurabis economic system include loancs, credit cards, and intrest.
Astronomy Positions of the star's orbits of the sun and moon.
Siege warfare Practive of surrounding a city to foce it to surrender.
Sapping The practive diggin tunnels under walls to make them collapse.
What did Assyria include Fertile crescunt, Egypt, and part of Anatolia
When was Assyria 850-600 B.C
What is the capitlal of Assyria Ninevah
What are the weapons for Assyrians iron tips for spears swords, there are barttering rams and heavy bows
Who were the first people to wear armour The Assyrians.
What did the first people wear for their armour. Helmets chestplates and legplates
What were some of the scare tactics for the assyrians The Assyrians mutilated peoples limbs then showed them to the people they were attacking.
Who deafeated the Asyrians The Chaldeans
Created by: william72