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Rennasiance & Reform

Who translated the entire Bible into English? John Wycliffe
What happened to John Wycliffe’s writings? The Roman church had them burned
What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth
What did Johann Gutenberg invent? The Moveable Printing Press
What was the first book printed on the printing press? What was the name of it? The Gutenberg Bible
Who was the most famous figure of the Northern Renaissance? Desiderius Erasmus.
What did Desiderius do? He published the first printed edition of the New Testament in Greek
What are indulgences? Certificates from the pope that excused a person from sin.
What was The Diet of Worms? It was when Martin Luther was put on trial defied the pope and refused to recant
What edict declared Luther a heretic? Edict of Worms.
John Calvin wrote what influential book of the Protestant Reformation? The Institutes of the Christian Religion
The list of peasant grievances was called what? 'Twelve Articles’
What revolt was because people wanted to be treated as humans not as animals? The Peasant Revolt
After this revolt it convinced leaders that government control over religion was necessary. When this happened who and what determined people’s religion? What you were born into and what your ruler decided the religion of the area was.
What were official government churches that everyone had to belong to? Territorial churches
This gave official approval to the territorial, state established church concept in Germany? The Peace of Augsburg
This was to get more people back into the Roman Catholic Church? The Counter-Reformation
Who began the group called the Jesuits? Ignatius Loyola
What was used torture and terror to obtain confessions of heresy? Inquisition
What was the 30 years war? A civil was in Germany and the Holy Roman Empire over religious and political issues.
What was The Peace of Westphalia? It was to end the war with a renewal of the same religious situation that had existed before the war.
What is special about Switzerland that came after their fight to gain their independence? They decided on a continuous policy of national neutrality.
What did Martin Luther nail on the church door? The 95 theses
Created by: Emily Mayfield