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World History

Pilgrims English separatists who wanted freedom of religion
Puritans Englishmen who wanted to purify the church and have freedom to worship
Intolerable Acts Unwanted edicts by George III such as the Stamp Act and Quartering Act which was reason for the colonists to revolt
Declaration of Independence Gave America independence form Britain and stated that the purpose of the government was to secure the rights of the people and that all people are born equal
Bill of Rights Principles based on popular sovereignty
Constitutional Republic Based on articles of confederation
Old Regime Pre-revolution government, political inefficiency and social inequality, ignored needs of estate
Third Estate 98% of population, created National Assembly
Storming of the Bastille Angry mob stormed Royal Prison, laid seige, and murdered the governor and his men
National Assembly A remedy to the representation problem, created by 3rd estate, opposed by Louis
Declaration of the Rights of Man Passed by France's National Constituent Assembly, Contains human rights similar to Declaration of Independence
Jacobins Wanted to do away with the monarchy
Committee for Public Safety Formed tribunal, suppression of opposition to Revolution, arrested enemies of the people
Directory Established to keep stability, Council of 500 and Ancients
Plebescite Means "popular" (wide-spread)
Napoleonic Code Codification of French laws - civil, criminal, and commercial
Austerlitz Battle where Napoleon defeated Austria & Russia
Confederation of the Rhine Western German states put under Napoleon's protection
Continental System Blockade of British trade, set up in attempt to cause the downfall of Great Britain
Scorched Earth Policy Russia realizes they are outnumbered so they retreat burning all supplies and land as they go
Elba The island where Napoleon was crowned "emperor" (exiled)
Congress of Vienna (European Coalition) Met to try to restore Europe
Battle of Waterloo Congress vs. France vs. England, Britain (duke of wellington) defeated Napolean
St. Helena Island where Napoleon was banished and died
Problems of Old Regime 1. Political Inefficiency 2. Ignored needs of the estate 3. Economic Irresponsibility
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