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Egypt Test

questions for test on Egypt

The Nile River is the longest river in the world running about ________ miles long. 4,000 miles
The Nile River flows northward towards the _________ ______. Mediterranean Sea
How many cataracts are in the Nile River? 6
What is a cataract? waterfall
What did the Nile help or provide for the Egyptians? fresh water, trade route, irrigation system, fertile land
Between what months did the Nile River flood? May-September
The desert area which made up 905 of Egypt was known as _____ ______. Red Land
What device did the Egyptians use to help irrigate their crops? Shadoof
What does the term "pharaoh" stand for? Great house
Who was believed to build the pyramids for the pharaohs? farmers and slaves built the pyramids for the pharaohs
What food did Egyptians eat at every meal? bread
What rights did Egyptian women have that most other women in the ancient world did not? become pharaoh, decide who and when they would marry, get a job outside the home, move about freely
What discovery led to the decoding of hieroglyphics? Rosetta Stone
What leader is given credit for unifying Upper and Lower Egypt? Narmer/Menes
What is the name of the largest pyramid? Great Pyramid
Who had the Great Pyramid built and where? King Khufu/Giza
What was the name of the Egyptian sun god? Amon-Ra or just Ra
Who was a powerful female Egyptian who wore a fake beard? Hatshepsut
Why did Egyptians mummify their dead? to preserve their bodies so they could use them in the afterlife
Who is the god of embalming? Anubis
What continent is Egypt located on? Africa
What is found at the end of the Nile River? Delta
What is the name of the flooding season? Akhet
What is the name of the planting season? Peret
What is the name of the harvest season? Shemu
What man called Egypt the "Gift of the Nile"? Herodotus
What is the name given to an Egyptian sailboat? Felucca
Name the 3 pyramids built by Snefru? Pyramid at Medyum, Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid
Who built the Step Pyramid? Djoser (Zoser)
Who was the first female pharaoh? Hatshepsut
Which pharaoh changed the religion of Egypt to monotheism? Akhenaten
Which pharaoh is best known for the discovery of his tomb? King Tut
Which pharaoh built Abu Simbel? Ramses II
Pharaohs were in charge of all of Egypt. Political aspects, Religious aspects, and Military aspects
What was the name of the god of the sun? Amon-Ra
Egyptians put a lot of time and money into building their ___. Tombs
What material is most Egyptian houses made from? mudbrick
Why did Egyptian mummified their dead? To get into the Afterlife
What was used to made paper, shoes, boats, etc? Papyrus
What did many nobles wear? wigs
Did Egyptian women have more rights than most ancient civilization? yes
Created by: khpal