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Bham WWI 2017

bham-STAR-WWI- 2017 2017 2017 2017

Whose death started WWI? Archduke Ferdinand
Which country left the war in 1918 allowing Germany to transfer large numbers of troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front? Russia
What new leader of Russia felt that the Russian army was in no condition to continue with the war? Lenin
One result of World War I was The creation of new countries.
Germany,Austria-Hungary, and Italy were part of? Triple Alliance
Which country experienced a revolution during the war? Russia
Name of the group that Wilson helped to form to prevent war in the future. League of Nations
President Wilson said that his Fourteen Points would provide a framework for A lasting and just peace.
The main purpose of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points at the end of World War I was to Assure peace in the future by not treating Germany as a defeated nation
Pride in one's country. Nationalism
What weapon caused the most death in WWI? Machine Gun
What were the long term MAIN causes of WWI? Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.
What is the main reason the U.S got involved in WWI? Zimmerman note
What part of the Zimmerman Note outraged the Americans? That Germany would help Mexico regain lands lost to the United States in the Mexican American War.
Which of the following was a reason for America NOT to fight in WWI? Wilson’s 1916 Presidential Election.
Vladimir Lenin said: “There can be no doubt that our army is absolutely in no condition…to beat back a German offensive successfully…” V.I. Lenin The excerpt above could be used to support the thesis that Lenin believed that Russia should withdraw from World War I
The Treaty of Versailles was designed primarily to punish Germany for its responsibility for World War I. In what way did the treaty hurt the German economy? It forced Germany to pay a huge sum of money for war damages
Which statement best describes the relationship between World War I and the Russian Revolution? World War I created conditions within Russia that helped trigger a revolution
The major impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany was that the treaty led to An increase in Germany’s desire to regain its power and prestige
What does "Futile" Mean? pointless
Why might ‘futile’ be a good description of trench warfare? It illustrates how pointless trench warfare
How did technology make WWI different from previous conflicts? The destructive technology meant more casualties of war
Created by: crbham4