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Bible Exam


What is a covenant? An agreement between two groups
What do covenants teach us about God? He is faithful and trustworthy
Why did different empires, one after another, seekto conquest Israel? It is a landbridge and economic gain
Who were Israel's neighbors? Asira(east), Egypt(south), Greece(west), Rome(west), Babylon(east), Iran(east)
What were the four gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke and Jhon
Why were there similar stories in the gospels? They were all around Jesus' time written in different perspectives.
What laws did Jesus say was most important? The shama
How did Jesus fulfill the law? He fulfilled prophecies
Who was John the Baptist? He told people to repent, prepared the way for the Lord, wrote Revelation and was Jesus' cousin.
What temptations of Satan did Jesus overcome? Turn stone to bread, jump off the temple and worship Satan to gain the whole world.
How did Jesus respond to Satan? With scripture
How can you overcome temptation? Reading the bible, praying, doing what Jesus would do, ect.
Which names of Jesus show that he is human? Servant because they are not looked up to and Despised because they are not wanted, ect.
Which names of Jesus show that he is divine? Light of the World because to be the whole world's light you would need to be perfect and The Word because unperfect words are destroyed.
What are some qualities of a disciple? Loyal and faithful
Some of Jesus' disciples were martyred. What does this say about their dedication? They were completely focused on Jesus.
What are some ways fishermen and disciples are the same? Brave, eye for the moment, stay out of sight, use the right bait and patience.
What kind of Messiah were the Jews looking for? Someone to destroy the Romans.
Over five areas did Jesus' show power over? Nature, death, sickness, physical realm and the demonic realm.
What are some examples that show Jesus' power? Turning water into wine, opening eyes of the blind, raising Lazarus from the dead, raising a dead girl, feeding the 3,000, healing man from demons, ect.
What is the kingdom of God like based on the parables Jesus told? It started off small, then got bigger. It is worth more than anything in the whole universe and we should use our talents to make it grow even more.
What does atonement mean? Paying for someone's sins
What are two of the seven last words of Jesus? Give hope to the hopeless, Trust in God, Completion of the goal, forgiveness to be granted, empathize with others, ect.
What did Jesus command his disciples in the great commission? Go
How can you fulfill the great commision? Mission trips, talk about God, read the bible, youth group, go to church, be Christ-like, ect.
Who is the author of Acts? Luke
Who is the audience of Acts? Theoplus ("God lover")
What happened at pentecost? Fest of weeks, people came, holy spirit came, tongues of fire, people thought disciples were drunk, Peter used this, ect.
What actions are we to accomplish after getting the Holy Spirit? Study the word, fellowship with other believers, show neutral expressions of love, praise God, celebrate with other believers and pray with other Christians.
What is the Trinity? the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Name the four main religious groups in Israel in Jesus' time. Zealots, Essenes, Sadducees and Pharisees.
Created by: selzinga20



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