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Who is at risk EVERYONE
There are_____strains of pneumococcal bacteria NINETYONE
maximum acceptable temperature for storage, in degrees fahrenheit FOURTYSIX
DoD messages about medical materiel quality MMQC
Is it a bacteria or virus? BACTERIA
Vaccine's mission PREVENT
Its species PNEUMONIAE
PPV and PCV vaccines should not be_______ FROZEN
CDC advisory committee. ACIP
spread through close_____ CONTACT
Collection of AE reports VAERS
PCV 7 is injected through the _____ route INTRAMUSCULAR
How often to check refrigerator DAILY
pneumococcal infection in the blood BACTEREMIA
discard vaccine after _______ date EXPIRATION
Number of serotypes prevnar protects against SEVEN
Clinic Quality Improvement Program acronym CQIP
500,000 cases of pnuemococal ______ occur every year in the U.S. PNEUMONIA
CDC pubication MMWR
U.S. vaccine regulator FDA
Pneumovax should be_____ (color) CLEAR
PPV7 is another name for _______ PREVNAR
Spread by _______ DROPLETS
Immunoglobulin, synonym ANTIBODY
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