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Ch. 10 History Notes

Zealots Jewish rebels; fought against the Romans.
Passover was celebrated by Jesus at the Last Supper.
Nazareth birthplace of Jesus.
Galilee the region just north of Judaea.
Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of Rome.
Edict of Milan issued in A.D. 313 giving religious freedom to all people.
Constantine the Roman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians.
Early Christians organized the church as a hierarchy.
The New Testament includes 4 accounts of Jesus' life in the gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John.
Eastern Orthodox Church form of Christianity based on Greek heritage practiced in the Byzantine Empire.
Charlemagne Frankish king given the title of emperor by the pope.
Frankish Western Germanic Tribe.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church, icons were once forbidden.
The Basilian Rule a list of rules for Eastern Orthodox religious life.
Byzantine people loved to talk about religion.
Canterbury an important city in the acceptance of Christianity in England.
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