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Argentine Revolution

May Revolution A week in May in Buenos Aires where a viceroy was removed and a local government was established
Viceroyalty of the River Platte A colony under a viceroy in Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. The amount of wealth it had made it a target for British expansion
British Invasion Tried to capture Buenos Aires in 1806-07. Spain was unable to aid the colony due to devastation following the Battle of Trafalgar. Creole militia had to take back the city on their own
Peninsular War of 1808 Napoleon invaded Spain after having defeated Portugal. Thus the administrator of the colonies became ineffective.
Viceroy Cisneros The people wanted a town council so Cisneros formed a junta (administrative council).
José de San Martin Took command of the patriot army to fight Royalists. Said that independence wouldn't be secure until Peru fell. He then left to conquer Chilé and Peru.
Army of the Andes They invaded Chilé and had Bernardo O'Higgins to create an independent government. The Royalists were defeated and Chilé became independent.
Argentine Declaration of Independence Argentina declared its independence on July 9th, 1816
May 25 Celebrated as the birth of Argentina as it was the day the first junta was created
Manuel Belgrano Was in the viceroyalty of Río de la Plata. Became a member of its junta when it split from Spain. Defeated Spanish forces at the Tucumán and Salta
Battle of Trafalgar Naval engagement between Britain and Spain. Spain lost and because of this were unable to provide support the citizens of Buenos Aires from the British
Cornelio Saavedra An Argentine General who was the head of a governing council while the revolution was beginning.
Ferdinand VII The Spanish king that was taken prisoner by Napoleon after his invasion of Spain. When his power was reinstated he tried to take back Argentina
Joseph Bonaparte Napoleon's brother who was appointed as king of Spain by Napoleon.
May 13th, 1810 A British frigate came to Montevideo and told the Argentinian people that Spain had been overrun
Dr. Mariano Moreno Considered one of the founding fathers of the Republic of Argentina. Was the secretary of the first junta
Charles IV Was the King of Spain before being forced to abdicate the throne to his son, Ferdinand VII, when Napoleon invaded
Buenos Aires Was a rich ranching land coveted by the British and Spanish. Is the capital of Argentina
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