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Ancient Asia

Japan, China, India, and Islam

What was the writing system for Ancient Japan? Calligraphy
Which Indian empire were there great achievements in math and science? Gupta
What is the Japanese art form that requires the cutting of miniature trees and shrubs? Bonsai
Which Chinese dynasty is credited for the start of the Great Wall of China? Qin Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty is credited for the rebuilding and maintenance of the Great Wall of China? Ming Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty is known for using gunpowder and fractions before other dyansties? Song Dynasty
China was ruled by this first female empress, Wu Hou, who increased trade with Central and West Asia, which Dynasty was this? Tang Dynasty
Who was the founder of Islam? Muhammad
Muslims worshipped in buildings known as (BLANK). Mosques
What was the foundation of Islam? The Five Pillars
Sanskrit is the writing system for which ancient civilization? India
What type of government did Ancient India have? Monarchy
What type of government did Ancient China and Japan have? Monarchy
Which Japanese religion focuses on innner peace, natural beauty of the world, and ancestor spirits of nature? Shinto
The Daimyo, Shogun, and Samurai of Japan would be placed on which level of the Japanese Feudal System Upper
What is Kabuki? A Japanese theatre style of dance only performed by males.
Which dynasty is credited for creating a canal system connecting waterways throughout China? Sui Dynasty
Which dynasty introduced taxation and had two cruel leaders? Qin Dynasty
What is a mosque? A place of worship for Muslims of the Islam religion
What country did Buddhims begin? India
What is the religion practiced in Ancient India that believed in karma, nature, and meditation? Hinduism
What is the holy text for Hinduism? Vedas
Which dynasty lead the world in sailing expertise and was ruled by the first non-Chinese leader? Mongol Dynasty
What is porcelain? Fine pottery created by Japanese artisans
(BLANK) is a "gift" given by a culture to a society. Contribution
A group of traders who travel together for safety reasons are called a (BLANK). Caravan
What is another term for nobles or people of high social class? Aristocrats
What is an empire? A group of countries under a single ruler
A group of people who have a complex and organized society within a culture is known as a (BLANK). Civilization
What is monotheism? The belief in only one god or higher being
What is atheism? The belief in no god or higher being
What is polytheism? The belief in multiple gods or higher beings
What is the first pillar of Islam? Faith
What is the second pillar of Islam? Prayer
What is the third pillar of Islam, which is also known as charity? Pilgrimage
What is the fourth pillar of Islam? Fasting
What is the fifth pillar of Islam, which is also known as donations? Alms
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