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(Mooresville) Ancient Greece-Athens

Located on the island of Crete, what group was said to be the first Greek-like civilization? Minoans
Greeks were organized in to these, much like the Sumerians. City-states
This man was the most famous king of the Mycenaeans. Agamemnon
This is the piece of literature that the story of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans is found. The Iliad
This man wrote the Iliad and its sequel, The Odyssey. Homer
This person was the main character of the Odyssey. Odysseus
Greeks called their city-states what? Polis
What caused Greek city-states to be separated from one another? Mountains
This polis is known for its art, culture, philosophy, and architecture. Athens
Athens is known as the birthplace of what form of government? Democracy
This politician wrote Athen's first set of laws...they were VERY harsh. Draco
Who started the democracy in Athens? Pericles
This is a form of government in which a few wealthy people rule. Oligarchy
This temple is found in Athens. It was built for Athena....its ruins still stand today Parthenon
This is the love of wisdom. Philosophy
This famous Athenian philosopher encouraged people to learn by asking questions. He was put to death by the government. Socrates
This philosopher was a student of Socrates. He wrote the Republic and believed that only smart people should be able to participate in the government. Plato
This philosopher formed the Academy. It can be considered the first university. Plato
This philosopher was a student of Plato. He used reason and logis to study the natural world. Aristotle
Aristotle's most famous student was... Alexander the Great
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