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WH semester Review

Review of chapters 1-9

What is the term for the man-made items that are the sources used to study history? artifacts
Which of the following is not a primary source? textbooks
Legends, religious beliefs, and social customs are examples of tradition
What is the most important type of primary source? Written records
What is the name of the command for man to control the earth by exercising preeminence over it? Creation Mandate
What is the division of labor that is part of the culture of every city Specialization
Whose human efforts did God use to save mankind from the universal Flood? Noah’s
Who committed the first murder? Cain
Through which son of Adam and Eve did the line of Christ come? Seth
Who were the first people to live in cities? Cainites
Which two rivers cradled the first civilizations? Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Which one of the following peoples was not polytheistic? Hebrews
The Epic of Gilgamesh gives and account of what biblical event? The Flood
What geographic factor helped preserve the monuments, the documents, and the bodies of ancient Egyptian rulers? The desert
What geographic factor contributed to the unity of Egypt? The Nile
Giza is the location of the Great Pyramid of Cheops
The great female ruler of Egypt was Hatshepsut
The Pharaoh of the Exodus was probably Amenhotep II
Howard Carter is best known for his discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
The greatest merchants of Canaan were the Phoenicians
The language spoken by Jesus and His disciples was probably Aramaic
Israel’s history can be traced back to Abraham
The Messianic line is through David
Which civilization supplied much of the materials needed for the building of the Hebrew temple? Phoenician
The Twelve tribes of Israel divided over what issue? Tax increase
Which of the following civilizations was used by God to protect and provide for His chosen people? Persian
Assyrians were known for cruelty to captives, military strength, terrorism
The Chaldeans can also be called the Babylonians
The king at the height of the Chaldean empire was Nebuchadnezzar
Which of the following civilizations included all of the other civilizations? Persian
The bible refers to Cyrus as “the Lord’s anointed”
The “Royal Road,” which ran 1,677 miles, was part of which civilization? Persian
The leading commercial center of the early mainland Greek civilization was Mycenae
What characterizes the Greek “Dark Ages”? New intruders entered Greece, Little contact was made with cultures outside of Greece, Common Greek Culture developed
The Olympic Games were originally held in honor of Zeus
The basic political unit of Greece was the polis
The Spartan way of life centered on Military training
Which island did the Greeks heavily colonize? Sicily
Sparta formed which league to thwart the advance of Athenian democracy? Peloponnesian League
At what mountain-pass battle of 480 BCE did a Spartan army fight to its death? Thermopylae
Which Persian king burned Athens? Xerxes
The defensive alliance formed by Athens to protect Greece from further Persian attack was called the Delian League
The government of Athens under Pericles was A democracy
The Peloponnesian War developed over A rivalry between Athens and Sparta
The most important result of the Peloponnesian War was Political disunity in Greece
What is the name of the period in which Greek culture was spread throughout the ancient world? Hellenistic Age
Which famous philosopher taught Aristotle? Plato
The apostle Paul’s visit to Athens brought him into conflict with Epicureans and Stoics
Which of the following were historians? Herodotus and Thucydides
What did Sophocles and Aristophanes have in common? Drama
Which of the following is the correct order for the periods of Greek Sculpture? Archaic, classical, Hellenistic
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian refer to Greek Architecture
Rome was established on what river? Tiber
The mountains that run down the middle of the Italian Peninsula are the Apennines
When Rome began to develop in Italy, portions of the peninsula were also inhabited by the Etruscans, Greeks, Phoenicians
In the Roman Senate each senator served for Life
The Law of Twelve Tables was important primarily because it Was the first Roman law that was written down
Which of the following occurred last? The death of Pompey
The Carthaginians were descendants of Canaanites who had once lived in Phoenicia
Which of the following occurred first Defeat of Pyrrhus
Much of the First Punic War was fought over control of the island of Sicily
The Romans defeated the Carthaginians at sea during the First Punic War by Boarding their ships on blanks
Hannibal began his march into Italy from Spain
At the Battle of Cannae, Hannibal defeated the Romans by Surrounding them on all sides
The Romans won the Second Punic War because Allies remained loyal to her, Hannibal was unable to besiege the city of Rome, Scipio forced Hannibal to leave Italy.
Judging from what you know about the Third Punic War, you would understand the term “Carthaginian Peace” to mean a Severe peace
The Gracchi brothers wanted to Divide the “public lands” among the poor
Augustus’s greatest failure in his attempt to restore order and stability in Rome was his attempt to Reform morals
The Romans are properly regarded as having made valuable contributions to law because they Sought basic principles as a foundation for their legal system
When a Roman poet wrote that “conquered Greece took captive her rude conqueror” he meant that Roman culture was based on Greek culture
What city was destroyed yet preserved, by volcanic eruptions? Pompeii
Jesus was born in the Roman Province of Judea
Which city was the meeting place of East and West and the vital link in both land and sea trade routes? Constantinople
Justinian’s goal during his reign was to Restore the greatness of the Roman Empire
Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom
The byzantine secret weapon which would burn on water was called Greek fire
Constantinople’s biggest commercial rival was Venice
Which of the following was not a threat to Constantinople? Mongolians from the East
The Swedish Norsmen who plundered Slavic villages in Russia were Varangians
In early Russia, what important river was used as a major route for trade with the Byzantine Empire? Dnieper
Who established the first ruling dynasty in Russia? Rurik
The Slavic alphabet was adapted from the Greek Alphabet
After the two centuries of Mongol rule in Russia, which city rose to power in the North? Moscow
The Arabs trace their beginnings to Ishmael
What aspect of the Judeo-Christian belief impressed and influenced Muhammad? Belief in one god
At first Muhammad was persecuted in Mecca because of fear that he would? Interfere with the profitable business of the Black Stone
The primary authority on Muslim belief and practice is the Koran
Reasons for the military conquests made by the Muslims desire for fertile and productive land, weakness of the byzantine and Persian empires, and Unification of the Arabs around a common cause.
The major problem after Muhammad’s death was that He did not appoint a successor
The Muslim advance in Europe was stopped by the Battle of Tours
Al-Razi and ibn Sina are best known for their knowledge in the field of medicine
The Muslims borrowed much of their basic mathematical knowledge from India
Which Catholic doctrine states that the wine and the bread become the body and the blood of Christ in the hands of the priest? transubstantiation
The true power behind the “do-nothing kings” was the Mayor of the palace
What was the basis of wealth and power during the Feudal Age? Land ownership
The majority of those living on manor were serfs
King John clashed with Pope Innocent III over Who would be the archbishop of Canterbury
The Parliament was able to serve as a check on the king’s power by asserting its “power of the purse”
What motivated the Crusaders to go to Jerusalem? Pious desire to serve Christ , Enjoyment of fighting for the Roman church, Desire for commercial gain
The Fourth Crusade ended with the capturing of which city? Constantinople
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