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HS~1 Exam Review

Review of HS~1 for Exam

Hippocrates Father of Medicine
Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin in 1929
Founder of American Red Cross Clara Barton
Smallpox vaccine Edward Jenner
First to separate conjoined twins Ben Carson
physical health diet, exercise, dental & vision care
trephination practice of boring holes in skull to release evil spirits
cost containment keeping health care costs to a minimum
home health care offers labs, nursing care, therapies in the home
care for terminally ill at the end of life hospice care agency
mental health facilities counseling and treatment for various mental/emotional disorders
Agency that offers care for specific diseases or disorders specialty care agency
understanding another's feeling and motives empathy
competence being trained, qualified and capable of a task or job
exchanging thoughts and ideas with another communication
STAT immediately; without delay
as desired ad lib
inflammation of the stomach gastritis
pertaining to the liver hepatic
keeping private matters private discretion
sign characteristic of illness that can be measured
characteristic of illness that is only known to the patient symptom
communication barrier interferes with good communication
message, sender, receiver three elements needed for communication
verbal communication written or spoken word
nonverbal communication facial expressions, body language
pediatrician treats patients from birth to 18 years
performs eye surgery opthalmologist
organizes and manages their own business entrepreneur
continuing education life long learning after your degree
legal proof that you are trained and competent in your field credentials
proof that a program of study meets the standard of care accreditation
false imprisonment limiting a persons ability to move about
spoken defamation slander
defamation ruining someones good name or reputation
libel written defamation
informed consent permission given after all risks and facts have been explained
invasion of privacy exposing a patient or their private information to those outside the health care team
battery violent physical contact intended to harm another individual
assault threatening to harm another individual
blood, urine, pus, semen, vomitus body fluids
diastolic pressure pressure of the blood on the walls of the arteries when the heart is relaxed
pressure of blood on the walls of the arteries when the heart is in contraction systolic pressure
fuel, oxygen, heat needed to start and maintain a fire
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act
Created by: ddooley



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