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Ch. 14-Middle Ages

What was the name of the book that the rulers from Europe used for taxing the people in the Middle Ages. The Domesday Book
What was the name of the emperor that kept records of his people to tax them in his empire? Charlemagne
What was the name of the fierce warriors that attacked Charlemagne’s Empire even after he died? The Vikings
Who conquered Southern England and made himself king, even if he was a Viking? William the Conqueror
Who was the King that lost a war to his nobles for bad rule and name the charter the nobles forced him to sign? King John of England & The Magna Carta
What type of government was established in the Middle Ages? A Monarchy
What was the name of the peasant farmers or merchants in a king’s or noble’s land? A serf
What was the political, social, and economic system used to provide protection of the people during the Middle Ages? Feudalism or Feudal System
Many kings or lords had these people that protected the land and common people, who were they? Knights
What is the name of a group in which merchants would trade and sell goods in a market place? A Guild
In what place was the “Crusades” taking place which was considered the “Holy Land” by the Christian people of England? Palestine or Nation of Israel
What was the name of the road that trade was an important item and it stretched from China to Europe? The Silk Road
Who was one that wrote about China for 17 years and as a “Guest” and what group or empire held him hostage? (2 answers required) Marco Polo & The Mongols/Genghis Khan
Who was the Emperor that asked for help from the Pope for the first crusades in the Holy Land of Palestine? Alexius Comnenus
What was the name of the “Pope” that ordered the first Crusades into the “Holy Land” of Palestine? Pope Urban II
What was the name of the plague that spread throughout China, Middle East, and Europe? The Black Death or the bubonic plague
What spread the plague from China to Europe? Rats/ fleas on rats
In what nation did the plague first started, before it spread into Europe? China
About what percent of the European population was killed by the plague? 25-30%
Because the plague killed most of the work force, what were the peasants able to demand from the kings or nobles, which the peasant could not be deny? Rights (Freedoms) & money for their work
What was the name of the church that is from the Western Roman Empire in Europe during the Middle Ages? The Roman Catholic Church
What is the name of the church leader of the Western Roman Catholic Church? The Pope
Who was given land by the Monarch (King) for their loyalty and service in tax collections and building of road in the kingdom? The Nobles (Lords)(Baron)
What was King John forced to sign when he was defeated at Runnymede by the Nobles of England? The Magna Carta
What is the name of the living quarters or place of a noble that has a large land plot give to him by the King? A Manor
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