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C8 The Muslim World

C8 Lessons 1-4

sheikh the man chosen from one of the leading families by a council of elders within the tribe to rule
Kaaba a house of worship believed to have been built by Abraham. The cornerstone was the sacred black stone
Allah the Arabic word for God
Quran the holy book of Islam which contains the revelations (or ideas and commands) given to Muhammad from his god through the Angel Gabriel
Islam the religion whose name means peace through submission to the will of Allah
Muslims the name of people who practice religion of Islam
hijrah the journey of Muhammad and his followers to Madinah in 622, which became year 1 of the official calendar of Islam
Bedouins nomadic Arabs living in the desert
hajj a pilgrimage to Mecca to visit the Kaaba
shari'ah the law code, practical laws to regulate their daily lives, developed by Muslim scholars after Muhammad's
hijab a headscarf covering the head and neck
chador a cloak that covers the full body with a head scarf worn underneath
burka a piece of material that literally covers a woman's entire body from head to ankle with a mesh opening over the eyes so she can see where she's going
caliph the successor to Muhammad, the head spiritual and political leader of Muslims
jihad struggle in the way of God; fair, defensive warfare
Shi'ite/Shi'a Muslims that only accepted descendants of Ali (Muhammad's son-in-law) as the true leaders of Islam
Sunni Muslims who believe that all male Muslims have the right to be considered as the caliph
vizier a high ranking official in ancient Egypt or in Muslim countries
mosque a Muslim house of worship
minaret the tower of a mosque from which the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer five times a day
sufi Muslim mystics who seek communication with God through meditation, fasting and other rituals including dancing and spinning
sultan the military and political head of state under the Seljuk Turks and the Ottomans; it literally means "holder of power"
calligraphy the art of beautiful handwriting
astrolabe an instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the position of the stars and planets
muezzin the crier who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer from the minaret of a mosque
arabesques the geometric patterns repeated over and over to completely cover a surface with decoration
The Great Mosque of Samarra located in Iraq; the largest mosque of its time
Alhambra Castle located in Spain; beautiful, well known piece of Islamic Arabic architecture and art in Europe
The Dome of the Rock located in Israel, a mosque built on top of the famous Jewish temple built by Solomon. It is the place Muslims believe Muhammad ascended into heaven.
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