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Religion Gr 7 and 8

Advent, Epiphany, and Christmas Season

Christmas begins sunset Christmas eve and Christmas day
Advent ends Sunset on Christmas eve
Christmas ends the Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord
date of Feast of Epiphany January 6
The shape of the Advent wreath symbolizes eternity of God
The evergreen on a Advent wreath symbolizes what? immortality
What do the candles on the Advent wreath symbolize? Jesus is the light of the world
How many weeks in Advent 4 weeks
The rose candle is a sign of what? rejoicing
The 3 purple candles are a sign of what? prayer, prepaartion and royalty
Name of 3rd Sunday in Advent Gaudate Sunday
Liturgical color for Advent violet or purple
Avent means "coming"
First coming of Christ Christmas or Nativity
He prepared the way for Jesus by urging people to repent John the Baptist
Advent comes immediately after Ordinary Time
The first season of the Church Year Advent
Advent helps us get ready for Christmas and when Christ comes again
Another name for Christmas Nativity
What is Jesus called when we talk about the Second Coming? Son of Man
What will Jesus fully establish when he returns? the Kingdom of God
What does Jesus tell us to do in preparation for his return? Be vigilant (stay awake)
What will happen when Christ comes again? Heaven and earth will be made new and we will experience a judgment for the way we lived our lives.
Means "God with us" Emmanuel
Means "God saves" Jesus
"Christ" means "Anointed One"
Christ in Greek is translated as Messiah in Hebrew
Yahweh means Lord
Who was the last prophet and the prophet of most high John the Baptist
What we can learn from John the Baptist repent, prepare ourselves and others for Christ, be humble, point to Jesus
The season that follows advent Christmas
Who knows the hour when Jesus will come again? the Father
another word for wise men who searched for Jesus Magi
The gifts brought to Jesus when he was born gold, frankincense and myrrh
used in making perfume myrrh
a valuable,shiny yellow metal used for jewelry gold
a substance that is burned to produce a sweet smell frankincense
Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem
Who was king when Jesus was born? Herod
Where did the wise men come from? the east
What did the wise men follow? North Star
The wise men came to __________ Jesus worship
When does Advent begin Sunday nearest to November 30
Liturgical colors of Christmas Gold and white
When is the Feast of the Holy Innocents? December 28
When is the Feast of St. Stephen, first martyr? December 26
Where are the three wise men mentioned in the Bible? Matthew
What do we celebrate on the Epiphany? the visit of the wise men to the Christ Child
What does the Feast of the Epiphany signify? extension of salvation to the Gentiles
What are the names of the wise men? Melchior, Caspar, and Balthasar
Why was Herod worried? He thought the people would think Jesus was king of the Jews
How was Joseph warned? In a dream that Herod wanted to kill Jesus
Where did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to keep them safe? Egypt
Who told Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby? An angel
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God January 1
Who baptized Jesus? John the Baptist
What Church season follows Advent? Christmas Season
I appeared to Juan Diego. Our Lady of Guadalupe
I am called the "the beloved" apostle. I wrote the fourth Gospel. St. John
We died when King Herod tried to kill Jesus. The Holy Innocents
The feast that proclaims that Mary was born with original sin. Immaculate Conception
I am the bishop best known for my generosity to children. St. Nicholas
What kind of family where Jesus, Mary and Joseph? THe Holy Family
The Church's first martyr St. Stephen
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