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Mesopotamia & Egypt

A review of these river valley civilizations

What is Ancient Egypt's writing system? Hieroglyphics
What kind of religion was practiced in Ancient Egypt? Polytheism
What was Mesopotamia's writing system? Cuneiform
What kind of religion was practiced in Mesopotamia? Polytheism
What kind of government was found in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia? Theocracy
What was the title of the ruler of Ancient Egypt? Pharaoh
What Mesopotamian was known for posting a set of laws throughout his empire? Hammurabi
What ancient device was used to lift water from a river to higher ground? shadoof
What were most houses made out of in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia? Baked mud brick
What is a triangular chart that shows who has the most or the least power in a civilization? social class pyramid
In Mesopotamia, the largest architectural structure in city-state housed offices of the priests and government officials. At the top was the home of the city-state's protector god. This structure was called a _________________________. Ziggurat
What were the pyramids of Ancient Egypt used for? Tombs
What process did Egyptians use in order to preserve their bodies for the after life? Mummification
What is a system of bringing water to crops? Irrigation
What were the shallow rapids that protected Egypt from invasion? Cataracts
What do you call a natural obstacle that keeps people from traveling through an area? natural barrier
What is the primary advantage of living in a river valley? FRESHWATER
What is the name of a type of government run by religious leaders? Theocracy
What was a political unit that consisted of the city and the farmland around it that was independently ruled in Mesopotamia? City-state
What is it called when one ruler brings many different lands under his control? Empire
What was a type of paper made from crushed reeds that was made by the Ancient Egyptians? Papyrus
What was the profession of a person who was trained to write? Scribe
What was the profession of a person who was highly skilled in making things like pottery or weapons? Artisan
What was the profession of a person who sold goods for a living? Merchant
What was the name for a tax in Mesopotamia that was paid by doing manual work for the government? The Burden
What was the fertile sediment left behind after floodinog? Silt
When traders traveled together in groups to protect themselves from robbers and raiders, what was it called? Caravan
Created by: Deaver