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Asian Empires

Asia covers over what fraction of the Earth’s land surface? 1/3
What is the largest continent of the Earth? Asia
What building structure is located in Agra, India and is a major tourist attraction? The Taj Mahal
What was the name of the Muslim leader that seized control of Northern India in1526 A.D which mark the beginning if the Mogul Empire? Babur
What was the name of the grandson of Babur, a Muslim leader, that took control of most of India and made Agra its capital? Akbar
What was the problem that Muslim leader had to deal with because they were in control of Northern India? The Hindus religion
What was the name of the Muslim leader that was responsible for the construction of the Taj Mahal for his wife's tomb and memory? Shah Jahan
Who was responsible for the downfall of the Mogul Empire in Northern India? Aurangzeb
What was the name of the Chinese dynasty that reunified China in 581 A.D.? Sui Dynasty
Who was responsible for the downfall of the Sui Dynasty in China? Emperor Wen
What was the dynasty that was under a female empress and she fought corruption for 50 years in the Chinese empire? Tang Dynasty
What was the name of the dynasty that united warring groups in China and established a strong central rule in the dynasty? Song Dynasty
What metal was created during the Song Dynasty where it was used for farming, construction, weapons, and armor in the kingdom? Iron
What was the name of the dynasty that was not under Chinese rule and it was under the control of the Mongols? The Mongol Dynasty
Who started the Mongol Dynasty in China and he was also known as the Temujin? Genghis Khan
Who was the son of the Temujin that conquered the rest of China and change the name of the Mongol Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty? Kublai Khan
What were the two major reasons the Mongol (Yuan) Dynasty was overthrown? Conflicts and natural disaster
What was the dynasty that was known for great achievements in art and science? Ming Dynasty
What was constructed in the Ming Dynasty for the Emperor and government officials? The Forbidden City
What was the capital of China in 1406 A.D.? Beijing
Who was not allowed to enter the Forbidden City, no matter what? common people
What was the name of the Chinese explorer that led the first seven voyages to new countries for Chinese wealth and representation? Zheng He
Why did China stop exploring other lands in 1433? The New Ming emperor stopped exploration
What did the word "Khmer" mean? The people of the region
What two religions influenced the Khmer Kingdom? Hinduism and Buddhism
Who was the ruler of the Khmer Kingdom during 802 A.D. which had advance irrigation systems setup in the kingdom? Jayavarman II
What was the name of the first royal city that was constructed during the 10th century? Angkor
In the 12th century, Suryavarman II oversaw the construction of what temple during the peak of the Khmer Kingdom? Angkor Wat
What Hindu god was honor from the Hindu religion in Angkor? Vishnu
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