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Global People/Places


Suleiman the Magnificent Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Considered the greatest ruler. During his time as ruler the Ottoman Empire reached its greatest height.
Zeng He Chinese explorer
Adam Smith Writer and economist. Wrote The Wealth of Nations which describes the theory of free trade, known as laissez-faire economics.
Alexander the Great Began the Hellenistic culture which was a blending of Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian influences
Archduke Franz Ferdinand With the assassination of this person World War 1 began
Simon Bolivar Called "The Liberator" Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama gained their independence from Spain
Asoka Maurya emperor in India. He fought fierce battles and was horrified at the slaughter. He turned to Buddhism and rejected violence from that time on. He built roads, rest houses for travelers, hospitals. His rule brought peace and prosperity to the Maurya
Benito Mussolini Italian Fascist leader who sided with Hitler in WWll
Catherine the Great An enlightened despot who ruled over Russia. She is responsible for many positive changes in Russia including securing the country a warm water port.
Deng Xiaoping Successor to Mao Zedong. Leader of Communist China. Forcefully stopped demonstrations in Tiananmen Square
Gandhi Believed in civil disobedience. Tried to remove British rule from India. Responsible for the Salt March
Ibn Battuta Recognized as one of the greatest travelers of all time. Visited most of the Islamic world as well as non-Muslim lands
Johannes Gutenberg German printer made it possible for more people to read the Bible
John Locke Believed all men have natural rights.....Life, Liberty, and Property. He believed it was the governments purpose to protect these rights
Jomo Kenyatta Independence leader that led Kenya out of European imperialism after WWll. (notice his last name and the name of the country)
Josef Stalin Communist dictator in the Soviet Union. Known for his brutality. Had a five year plan which was a success and Collectivization which led to mass starvation in the Ukraine
Karl Marx German who wrote "The Communist Manifesto". He believed the proletariats of the world would rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie.
Kemal Attaturk Leader for Turkey's independence. Introduced many reforms for modernizing the Turkish economy and customs
Kwame Nkrumah Independence leader who helped lead Ghana out of European imperialism after WWll
Louis XVl Overthrown during the French Revolution and later beheaded
Machiavelli Wrote "The Prince". Believed to maintain power, the ruler may ignore what is morally right. "The end justifies the means"
Mansa Musa Emperor of Mali. Made a pilgrimage to Mecca.Spread Islam into Africa. Traded in gold and silver
Mao Zedong Communist leader in China. Launched the Great Leap Forward. Created communes. Started the Cultural Revolution and formed the Red Guard
Martin Luther Started the Protestant Reformation. Created the 95 Theses. Protested indulgences
Matthew Perry United States Naval officer. He played a leading role in opening Japan to the West
Mikhail Gorbachev Leader of the Soviet Union. Two of his policies were Perestroika and Glasnost
Nelson Mandela South African leader who protested Apartheid. Spent over 30 years in prison before becoming president of South Africa
Otto Von Bismarck Prussian chancellor. Also known as the Iron Chancellor. Blood and Iron policy to unify German states
Pancho Villa Mexican Revolutionary
Peter the Great Czar of Russia. He was responsible for the Westernization of Russia
Pol Pot Leader of Cambodia. Responsible for what was called the "Killing Fields". Deaths of almost 2 million of his own people due to starvation, executions, and beatings
Porfirio Diaz Soldier and President of Mexico
Ptolemy Greek astronomer and mathematician who based his astronomy on the belief that all heavenly bodies revolved around the Earth
Robespierre Reign of Terror in France
Siddharta Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism
Simon Bolivar Called "The Liberator". Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama gained their independence for Spain
Marco Polo Explorer responsible fro much of the knowledge exchanged between Europe and China
Sumerians/Sumer People of Sumer living in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Also known as the Fertile Crescent
Tang Dynasty Known for their producing of porcelain and block printing
Tokugawa Shogunate Feudal warlord rulers of Japan. Responsible for closing off Japan from the rest of the world
Toussaint L'Ouverture Revolutionary leader who ousted France from Haiti
Vladimir Lenin Russian revolutionary leader.Led the Bolsheviks. First leader of the Soviet Union. Promised Peace, Land and Bread
Abbasid and Ummayad Empires Created an Islamic Golden Age
Mughal Empire Powerful Islamic State which ruled in India. Built the Taj Mahal which was a tomb for the Shahs wife.
Created by: Carol Mack