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Limited Government Leader has limited power; country has a constitution or laws to protect citizens rights
Unlimited Government Leader has total power, leader chooses to rule with his/her or the citizens best interest in mind
Multicultural When several cultures come together; many cultures
Monarchy Ruled by Queen or King; leaders born into power
Dictatorship Ruled by one or a small group; rules with force
Democracy Ruled by many, leaders are elected by citizens
Life Expectancy The average period that a person is expected to live
Infant Mortality # of deaths of children under the age of 1
Literacy Rate The percentage of people who are able to read and write
GDP: Gross Domestic Product The amount of money of all goods and services produced
Developed Country HIGH: Life expectancy, literacy rate, GDP LOW: Infant mortality
Underdeveloped Country HIGH: Infant mortality LOW: Life expectancy, literacy rate, GDP
Economy Having to do with a countries resources or use of money, including goods, services, production, trade, labor
Cultural Diffusion How culture spreads
Nationalism Having pride and a sense of loyalty to one's country
Free Market Economy Private business owners are in control of pricing on goods and services
de facto actually; in reality
archipelago group or chain of islands
tsunami a huge wave that gets higher as it approaches the coast; has the ability to wipe out an entire city
loess a fine-grained, fertile soil deposited by the wind; yellow-brown silt
dynasty line of rulers from a single family
shogun military leader; Minamoto Yoritomo was Japan's first shogun
samurai landowning warriors; supported the shogun
sphere of influence an area of a country where a single foreign power has been granted exclusive trading rights
communism a system of unlimited government that controls all economic goods and services
urbanization when a city grows larger and spreads into nearby areas
megalopolis supersized urban area
trade deficit occurs when the value of a country's imports is higher than the value of its exports; opposite of a trade surplus
trade surplus occurs when a country exports more products than it imports;opposite of trade deficit
emperor a sovereign (supreme) ruler of great power and rank; ruler of an empire
Mandate of Heaven the belief that the Gods have blessed a person to rule of the land
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