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Roman Republic

Describe the social class the Patricians Wealthy, land-owning Romans.
What is an aqueduct? A water delivery system designed by Roman Engineers.
Describe the Plebeian Lower class labor that eventually got political power
What was the governing body of the Roman Republic? The Senate - 300 members
What was the role of the Consul They were leaders of the Senate and served for one year
What did Rome do in cases of emergency? Appoint a temporary dictator
What was the significance of the roads in Roman society? Main way Rome traded goods, moved troops, communicated laws and expectations
What did Rome give its citizens in exchange for taxes? Roads, aqueducts, military protection, and rule of law.
What was the importance of Cincinnatus? He was the model of a dictator. He willingly gave up power when his job was done.
What were the Punic Wars? Rome's war with Carthage where Hannibal was one of the only Generals to find success against the Romans.
What made Hannibal's attack on Rome so unique? He moved 100k men, horses and ELEPHANTS through the Alps!!!
After Rome won the Punic wars, what did they do? Began conquering all of Europe and into the Middle East.
Explain Caesar "Crossing the Rubicon" He crossed into Roman territory with his army and basically declared war on the Senate.
What did the Senate do with Julius Caesar when he returned to Rome? Made him temporary dictator
Why did the Senate assassinate Julius Caesar? He was going to become dictator for life.
What two sides emerged to fight in Rome's civil war? Marc Antony and Octavian Caesar
Who won Rome's civil war? Octavius
What did Octavian name himself and what did it mean? Augustus - First Citizen
What is rule of law? The law is supreme - no one is above the law.
Name three rights granted in the 5th or 6th Amendment that we "borrowed" from Rome. Right to public trial, jury, lawyer, silence, witnesses, face accuser
What are the two Barbarian groups helped bring down the Roman Empire? The Goths and the Huns
Et tu Brute? You too Brutus?
What is Pax Romana and when did it occur? Roman Peace - Under Augustus
What is the greatest contribution of the Roman Empire? Rule of Law
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