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Ancient Greece

World History Chapter 7 Review

Athena The Greek goddess of wisdom
Zeus The Greek Ruler of the gods.
The Parthenon The temple built to honor Athena
Mount Olympus The home of the Greek gods
Olympics Greek athletic contests held every four years to honor their gods
acropolis A fortified hilltop at the center of a Greek city-state
assembly Part of the Athenian government that held the most power
oligarchy A government controlled by a few.
drama Acting and plays often based on popular myths and legends
Minoans They helped to shape the first Greek civilization
Mycenaens They absorbed Egyptian and Mesopotamian influences and passed them on to later Greeks.
Hippocrates He set ethical standards for medical care
Euclid The author of The Elements of Geometry
Homer His epics have been inspiring writers for almost 3,000 years
Aristotle He tutored a 13-year-old prince who becomes Alexander the Great.
aristocracy The landholding elite
Pericles Takes over the Delian League; uses money to strengthen Athenian fleet
oligarchy a system of government in which a few people hold power
tyrant a person who takes power by force and rules with total authority
polis a Greek city-state
mercenary a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
bard storytellers
slaves In Ancient Greece they could not vote, own land or even use their own names.
Crete Home of the Minoans
a united coutry The geography of Greece prevented Greeks from forming these
prosperity and culture After the Persian Wars, Athens enjoyed a golden age because of
Greek columns Greek architectural styles still used today.
Pericles Takes over the Delian League; uses money to strengthen Athenian fleet
Peloponnesian War This began in 431 B.C. when Sparta declares war on Athens
Persian Wars These began as a result of Greek Revolt against Persian rule
rhetoric The art of public speaking
perform a ritual dance When a child was born to an Athenian family, the father would do this.
Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture Mycenaean's passed this onto the Greeks.
Peloponnesian Wars The Greek city-states were left divided and weak as a result of this conflict
Created by: Ms Plyler