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WH1 SOL 12


Animism Belief that spirits inhabit the world in plants, animals, and other natural objects
Asoka Ruler of Mauryan Empire who sent Buddhist missionaries to East Asia
Axum (Aksum) African kingdom located on the Upper Nile River; religion was Christianity
Compass Device that gives direction and has a magnetic pull to North
Ethiopia present-day Axum
Ghana Earliest West African kingdom; its wealth came from trading gold for salt on the Trans-Saharan trade route
Gupta Empire India's second empire and its Golden Age
Hemisphere 1/2 sphere of earth, North and South separated by equator
Lateen sail Triangular sail on a boat
Mali West African kingdom that reached its height under ruler Mansa Musa
Maritime Relating to the sea
Porcelain Bone hard white ceramic (glass) from China
Silk Road System of ancient trade routes across Central Asia
Songhai West African kingdom that conquered Mali and controlled trade from 1400's-1591 AD
Textile Cloth made by weaving
Timbuktu Trade capital of Africa
Trans-Saharan Trade route across the Sahara Desert
Water Wheels Wheel propelled by water (made of wood) and used to grind grain
Windmill Mill run by wind located at the top of a tower
Zimbabwe Prosperous kingdom located in southeastern Africa on the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers
Created by: MMS 8th