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Middle Ages

caliph successor
sultan Muslim ruler
1001 Nights Best known collection of Arab stories
arabesque Intricate design composed of curved lines that suggest floral shapes
Sunni A division of Islam that feels the caliph should be chosen by leaders of the Muslim community
Shiite A division of Islam that feel the only true successors are the descendants of Muhammad
Dome of the Rock A great shrine capped with a golden dome in Jerusalem
al-khwarizmi Greatest Muslim mathematician
Council of Clermont Where Pope Urban called Christian knights to recapture the Holy Lands starting the 1st Crusade
Saladin Muslim leader who captured Jerusalem, but opened the city for Christian pilgrims
crusades 4 events that lasted over 200 years in order to recapture the Christian Holy Lands.
religious toleration Policy of allowing people to worship as they choose
reconquista Reconquest of Spain
inquisition A church court set up to try people accused of heresy
Isabella & Ferdinand Controlled Spain after the reconquista
Black Death Disease that killed over 20 million in Europe between 1347-1353. Spread by fleas on rats
inflation Rising prices
heresy Religious belief that is contrary to the official teachings of the church.
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