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W History Final Pt.2

World History Final Part 2 #68-105

What city served as an important center of trade and the capital of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
What caused the split between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches? an argument over the use of icons (holy images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints)
What products were mostly made in ancient China? bronze weapons and ritual vessels -& silk
Who defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453? The Ottomans
How did Byzantine culture influence early Russia? Russia's main religion became Orthodox Christianity like the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine also influenced Russia's culture, art, music, and architecture.
What was the official language of the Byzantine Church? Latin
How did Mongol rule affect Russia's relations with Western Europe? 1. Trade grew 2. New religion = Islam 3. Absolute power served as a model for later Russian rulers
Emperor Justinian can be described as an autocratic leader. What is an autocrat? a ruler who has absolute power
What is the most important contribution of Justinian's rule? Justinian's Code (a written collection of Roman laws)
What happened to the Hagia Sophia after the fall of Constantinople? It was changed from a Christian church into a mosque (a muslim place of worship)
Genghis Khan was the leader of what civilization? Mongols
Describe Ivan the Great's leadership style. (Ivan the Terrible) extreme absolute power -authoritarian rule
After the death of Muhammad, what two groups did Islam divide into? Shi'ite & Sunni
How does the Sharia in Islam differ from the law codes that evolved in the West? it applies religion to all legal situations (laws)
Where did the Arab armies go after they conquered the Persian Empire? India*
What is the final authority in all matters for Muslims? Quran
Why were the Arabs successful in building a large empire in the Middle East?
What does S.P.I.C.E. stand for? Social. Political. Interaction between humans and the environment. Cultural. Economic.
What language (spoken by the people of EAST Africa) was a blend of Arabic and Bantu? Swahili (Kiswahili)
What is matrilineal heritage? inheritance traced through the mother's side
What WEST African city was a major trading and cultural center? Songhai
What is animism? the belief that plants and inanimate objects have souls
Which is the major religion found in North Africa? Islam
Korea has frequently served as a cultural bridge or "middleman" between what two nations? China and Japan
What resulted from technological achievements made by the Tang and Song dynasties? canals, irrigation systems, and roads were built
What religion began in Japan and is unique to Japan? Shinto
How did the Mongol empire set the stage for economic growth?
What Venetian explorer traveled to China and sparked European interest in East Asia? Marco Polo
What Chinese explorer explored the coasts of Southeast Asia, India, and East Africa? Zheng He
Which Chinese dynasty was actually a Mongol dynasty? Yuan Dynasty
Which is the most important commodity of the Indian Ocean trade routes? spices
Which culture had the greatest influence on Korea?
How did the Sui and Tang dynasties encourage internal trade and transportation?
What is selective borrowing? What East Asian country practiced this? adopting some cultural traits and ignoring the others
Which technology enabled the Ottomans to capture Constantinople? the cannon
What increased and revolutionized trade across Africa?
What type of Buddhist sect gained widespread acceptance in feudal Japan? Zen
Which country developed the process for manufactured silk? China
Created by: amarshall4