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Huang River Muddiest river in the world and 2nd longest in CHina. Also known as the yellow River and called the "River of sorrows'.
calligraphy artistic form of ancient Chinese writing
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
jade a hard green stone used in carving
landscape a painting of a nature scene
loess yellowish soil from the Gobi Desert
oracle bones animal bones used for predicting the future
pictograph a picture that stands for a word
wattle and daub a building technique using wood and soil used by the ancient Chinese
Yangtze River Also known as Chang River. Longest river in China. Trade route.
Gobi Desert 2nd largest desert in the world Extreme temperatures. Very dry and infertile loess.
Shang Dynasty The first Chinese dynasty that left written records. Utilized bronze and iron. (c.1600-1046 BCE)
Zhou Dynasty 2nd Chinese dynasty. Lasted longer than any other Chinese dynasty. (1046-256 BCE)
Shi Huangdi First emperor (Qin Dynasty) to take control of separate kingdoms and unify much of China (259 BC - 210 BC). Known for The Great Wall and terracotta Warriors.
Ying and Yang a symbol that represents the balance between opposite forces in all aspects of life. The belief that the universe is made up of opposing forces.
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