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Anatomy Demos Qs 1

Q and A from Bristol Anatomy Demos Twitter

L2 and L3 are the spinal roots of which nerve? Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
Name the 4 parts of the male urethra Pre-prostatic, prostatic, membranous (intermediate), penile (spongy) urethra
How long is the male urethra? 20cm
How long is the female urethra? 4cm
What are the posterior relations of the bladder in men? Rectum, prostate and seminal vesicles
What are the posterior relations of the bladder in women? Rectum, uterus and cervix
Give 3 symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease Weightloss, diarrhoea, fever, abdo pain, fresh blood PR
Where in the bowel would you expect ulcerative colitis to affect? Large colon, typically distal colon and rectum
Where is the arcuate line? This line demarcates the lower limit of the posterior rectus sheath
What pierces the rectus abdominus at the level of the arcuate line? Inferior epigastric vessels
Where do you find Peyers patches? Ileum
What are Peyers patches? Small masses of lymphatic tissue
What structures sit below the midpoint of the inguinal ligament? Femoral nerve
What structures sit below the mid-inguinal point? Femoral artery
Which 3 major veins contribute to form the hepatic portal vein? Superior mesenteric, splenic and inferior mesenteric veins
Which 2 structures open at the ampulla of Vater? Pancreatic duct and common bile duct
Which lymph node is referred to as Virchow's node (aka Troisier's sign)? Lymph node of the left supraclavicular fossa
Which condition is Virchow's node associated with? Cancer in the abdomen, typically gastric cancer
Which epithelium lines the stomach? Simple columnar, with glandular cells
What does the lingual branch of CN V3 innervate and what does it supply? General somatic afferent (sensory) innervation to the tongue
What does the CN IX innervate and supply? Sensory innervation to the tongue
In what ways do the intrinsic muscles of the tongue act? Tip up and down, narrow and lengthen, flatten and depress
In what ways do the extrinsic muscles of the tongue act? Stick tip out, retract, press tongue against teeth/alveolar ridge
Give 3 abdominal conditions associated with clubbing Crohn's, malabsorption, ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis
What is the structural difference between segmental bronchi and bronchioles? Segmental bronchi have cartilage, bronchioles don't
What do the bronchial veins drain into? The right side drains into the azygous vein, the left side drains into the accessory hemiazygous vein
Which nerve supplies sensory innervation to the mediastinal pleura? Phrenic nerve (C3,4,5)
Which muscles abduct the vocal chords? Posterior cricoarytenoid muscles
Which intrinsic laryngeal muscle is NOT supplied by the recurrent laryngeal nerve? Cricothyroid
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