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WH Review P.2

Ancient Greece, Rome, Islam, and Byzantine Empire

The Minoan civilization arose where? Crete
Minoan life was centered around palace complexes. Which of the following is an example of one of these? Knossos
This was written by Homer describing the Trojan War? The Illiad
A Greek city-state: Polis
The Greek marketplace was called the? Agora
A defensible fortification in the center of the polis? Acropolis
Heavily armed infantry largely composed of commoners are called? Hoplites
In the Athenian system of democracy, citizens viewed as dangerous were voted into exile. This was called what? Ostracism
Which of the following was the first tyrant of Athens? Solon
The major distinction among the Spartans and other Greek city-states was their? Militaristic Culture
Slaves in Sparta were called? Helot
The Athenian victory at Marathon was over which adversary? Persia
At which battle did the Athenian General Themistocles lure the Persian Navy into a trap? Salamis Strait
The Athenians led an alliance of Greek city-states for common defense against the Persians. What was this called? The Delian League
The building of the __________ under Pericles enraged members of the Delian League. Parthenon
The ____________ War resulted from the Athenian perceived tyranny over the other members of the Delian League. Peloponnesian
Who was the author of The History of the Peloponnesian War? Thucydides
What Persian King forced the mainland Greek city-states into a treaty that forced their recognition of Persian control over the Ionian city-states in 387 BC? Artaxerxes II
Circa 450 BC Roman laws were recorded on the __________ so that Judges could not make decisions purely on their opinions. Twelve Tables
Two _________ were elected (originally) for 1 year terms to enforce the laws of Rome. Consuls
Which of the following led a slave revolt in 73 BC which was suppressed by Pompey? Spartacus
Name the great Carthaginian General of the 2nd Punic War? Hannibal
__________ attacked Carthage forcing Hannibal to withdraw from Rome. Scipio
Which Apostle spread the Gospel to the Gentiles? Paul
Under Emperor Valentinian III, the Bishop of Rome was recognized as the __________, and was declared to have the sole authority to interpret scripture. Pope
Which Emperor legalized Christianity in 312? Constantine
In 70 AD, what was destroyed by the army of Titus as he put down a Jewish revolt? The Temple
A teaching contrary to orthodox Christianity is called a _________. Heresy
Which barbaric tribe sacked Rome in the 450’s causing so much destruction that their name is the term meaning “one who senselessly destroys property” ? Vandals
Which Emperor restructured the Empire by naming a co-Augustus and two Caesars; each with a specific region to govern? Diocletian
At what battle did Constantine defeat Maxentius and bring the Empire under his rule? Milvian Bridge
What decree legalized Christianity in 313 in the Roman Empire? Edict of Milan
The Holy Book of Islam is the _______. Qu’ran
Once in a Muslim’s life, they are to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. This is called the _______. Hajj
Muhammad's escape from Mecca to Medina is called the _______. Hijrah
Islamic law is called _______. Sharia
The battle of _______ halted the spread of Islam throughout Europe. Tours
The Holy month of ____________ requires that Muslims fast between sunrise and dawn. Ramadan
King ______________, nicknamed “the hammer”, defeated the Muslim army at Tours. Charles Martel
__________ , the Byzantine Emperor in 1057, called upon Pope Urban II to help repel the Turkish Muslim threat. Alexis I
The ______________ were a series of wars launched by European Christians aimed at re-conquering the Holy Lands from the Muslims. Crusades
This split between the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and Western Roman Catholic Church occurred in 1054? The Great Schism
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