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1st Semester Cards

Flash cards to help study for Semester Final

What geographic feature protected the people in India from attack from the north? The Himilayas
What geographic feature did the majority of civilizations begin near? Rivers
Why did the civilizations locate near rivers? -Fertile Soil -Fresh Water -Transportation
Which river is believed to be sacred to the Hindus? Ganges River
The tallest mountain range in the world The Himilayas
The title of the Hindu's social structure Caste System
The "outcasts" of the Caste System. Untouchables
Hindu priests at the top of the Caste System Brahmin
Hindu warriors and government officials near the top of the Caste System Kshatriyas
Merchants and sheep herders near the bottom of the Caste System Vaishyas
Farmers and common people that are the biggest group of the Caste System Sudras
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions that a person has a duty or obligation to live an honorable life Dharma
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions that the good and evil done in a past life determines the nature of the person's next life Karma
Hinduism, Buddhism, or both: Believes in reincarnation Both
The Hindu god of creation Brahma
The Hindu god of preservation Vishnu
The Hindu god of destruction Shiva
He grew up in a life of luxury but gave it all up to search for knowledge and enlightenment Buddha (Siddhartha)
Why is the flood season important for farmers along the river? Deposition of nutrient rich silt
Tombs for the pharaohs during the Old Kingdom Pyramids
"Life blood" of the Egyptians Nile River
Belief in one single God Monotheism
Belief in multiple gods Polytheism
Old Kingdom pharaoh that established the pharaoh as the central authority and ordered the construction of the Great Pyramid Khufu
New Kingdom pharaoh that emphasized trade, art, and architecture. She was the first female pharaoh of Egypt Hatshepsut
New Kingdom pharaoh that ruled for over 60 years. He is best known for his military achievements, many monuments, and over 100 wives and children Ramses II
From top to bottom, name the levels of the Egyptian social pyramid. 1. Pharaoh 2. Government officials 3. Priests 4. Scribes 5. Artisans and trades people 6. Farmers 7. Unskilled Workers
What was the main purpose of the pyramids? Tombs for pharaohs
Name the only monotheistic religion we have studied so far this year. Judaism
What is the term given to describe the Israelites freedom from Egypt led by Moses? Exodus
The foundation of Judaism Ten Commandments
Why is Abraham considered "Father of the Jews"? Founded Judaism
Who unified the Israelites into one kingdom and defeated mighty Goliath? David
Time period that consisted of people hunting and gathering for food and constantly moving from area to area. Paleolithic
This "New" period began with the discovery of farming and domestication of animals which allowed the people to create permanent settlements. Neolithic
"Life Blood" of Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates
The substance most Paleolithic tools were made of Stone
The Neolithic Age is also known as this since farming would mark it's beginning? The Agricultural Revolution
Location used that provides exact coordinates Absolute Location
Location used when explaining where something is by comparing it to the location of other places or objects. Relative Location
When ideas, goods, or people flow from one area to another Movement
A group of places that share a common theme such as the "corn belt" Region
The physical and human characteristics of a particular area Place
The theme of geography that describes how humans shape the environment Human-Environment Interaction
These lines run East to West with the Equator in the center and divide the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres Lines of Latitude
These lines run North to South with the Prime Meridian in the center and divide the Earth into the Eastern and Western hemispheres Lines of Longitude
Opportunity, religious freedom, and fertile soil would all be examples of these factors Pull Factors
War, famine, and religious persecution would all be examples of these factors Push Factors
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