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Religion Midterm

Church People of God throughout the whole world. The Church is one holy, catholic, and apostolic.
Communion of Saints the unity of all, dead or living, who have been saved in Jesus Christ.
Sanctify to make holy, to separate from sin, to set aside for sacred use, to consecrate.
Islam (Muslims) the third great religion, along with Judaism and Christianity, professing belief in one God.
Justification state of sin, God moved us to a state of grace so that we can be holy and righteous like God.
New Testament 27 books in 2nd part of bible, teach about life of Jesus
Old Testament 1st 46 books in the bible tell of God’s covenant with his people of Israel and his plan for salvation for all people.
Pashcal Mystery passion, death, resurrection, and assumption of Jesus
Purgatory state of final cleansing after death of all our human imperfections to prepare us to enter God’s kingdom.
Salvation history story of God’s loving relationship with his people, which tells how God carries out his plan to save all people.
Scripture the holy writings of the Jews and Christians collected in the old and new testament.
Canon Law guides all aspects of church life.
Pentacost 50th day from Jesus rose from dead. Holy Spirit sent from heaven, church was born.
Liturgy public prayer of the church that celebrates the wonderful things God has done for us in Jesus, priest, and way continues to work for salvation.
Liturgy of the Hours public prayer of the church to praise God, readings before sunrise, morning prayer at dawn, evening prayer at sunset, and prayer before bed.
Prayer raising of our hearts and minds to God.
Beatitudes teachings of Jesus in the sermon on the mount in matthew's gospel, 8 ways of living the christian life, way to true happiness.
Corporal Works of Mercy kind acts to help others. such as, feeding the hungry,giving drink to thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and the imprisoned, and bury the dead.
Vocation the call each of us has in life that God wants us to be and way serve the church and kingdom of God.
Witness the passing onto others by our words and by our actions, the faith that we have been given. Have duty to give witness to the good news about Jesus Christ.
Apostolic one of the four marks of the Church. Church continues to hand on the teachings of the apostles through their successors, the bishops, and the pope.
Catholic one of the four marks of the Church, because Jesus is fully present in it, proclaims the fullness of faith, and because the Church is universal.
Ecumenism Movement for unity among Christians.
Holy one of the four marks of the church, life we live when we share in the life of God, because it is united with Jesus.
Marks of the Church aspects of the Church found in Nicene creed, one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.
One one of the four marks of the church, because its form one God and cause Jesus through is dead united everyone in one body.
Counsel one of seven gifts of the holy spirit, helps make correct choices in life through reflection, discernment, consulting, and advising others.
Doctor of the Church person as model teacher of the christian faith.
Fear of the Lord one of the seven gifts of the holy spirit, leads us to sense of wonder and awe in presence of God.
Fortitude one of the seven gifts of the holy spirit and cardinal virtues, strength to choose to do the right thing.
Knowledge one of the seven gifts of the holy spirit, helps us to know what God asks us and how to respond.
Piety one of the seven gifts of the holy spirit, love God and behave responsibly and with generosity and affection toward others.
Sacraments at the service of communion holy orders and matrimony, way to serve others
Sacrament of healing penance and reconciliation and anointing of the sick.
Sacraments of initiation foundation of christian life, baptism, confirmation, eucharist
Understanding one of the holy gifts of the holy spirit, helps make right choices.
Wisdom one of the seven gifts of the holy spirit, understanding the purpose and plan of God.
Culture music, art, language, and celebrations, way people experience God in their lives.
Interreligious dialogue increase understanding of one another, to work for the common good of humanity, and to establish peace.
Bishop received fullness of holy orders, successor of original apostles, takes care of church and principal teacher.
Collegiality shared decision making between the pope and the bishops.
Diocese member of Church in a particular area, united in faith and the sacraments, under bishop.
Infallibility when pope proclaims a teaching officially on faith or morals, the teaching is without error.
Pope bishop of Rome, successor of peter, authority to act in mane of Christ, vicar of Christ, pope and bishops make teaching authority magisterium.
Priest lead the people to holiness through sacraments
Prophet proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ
King encourage us to use our gifts to serve those who are poor and who suffer injustice
Church means... “convocation” or people called together.
Jesus comes through us to.... proclaim the good news.
Church is both... human and divine
Qualities of Mary... humility, obedience, love, and compassion.
Sacrament is.... an outward sign indicated inner grace, encounter with christ.
Created by: natalie.jones
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