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Mixed World History

From The Whole First Semester

Mesopotamia Location: Tigris & Euphrates
Code of Hammurabi first written code of law
Egypt Location: Nile River Rulers= Pharaohs (hieroglyphics, pyramids)
Neolithic Revolution farming, domesticated animals, permanent settlements
Civilizations cities, organized government, writing, science & math, specialized jobs
What is Ancient China? Location: Huang He (Chinese characters)
What is "Ancient Hebrews"? monotheism, Judaism, 10 commandments
What was the Persian Empire? from Egypt to Indus! Roads, Coins, Postal System Zoroastrianism
What was Ancient Greece? picked up alphabet from phonecians. Trading Empire in Middle of the Mediterranean
cont. Ancient Greece democracy, Parthenon, greek art, drama Athens= democracy /Sparta= military state
Who were the Greek Philosophers? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
Greek Science Archimedes invented pulley & lever
What was Alexander the Great? conquered former Persian Empire, spread Greek
What was Ancient Rome? first republic, later an Empire, Twelve Tables: written laws (C.R.A.P.) & Christianity
Fall of Rome Economic problems, political problems ((bad leaders), outside invasions
Who were the Aryans? invaders who brought Hinduism & Caste System to India
What is Hinduism? reincarnation, karma, caste system
Buddhism four noble truths
Golden Age of Hindu Culture Gupta Empire of India
If rulers are good, heaven will bless the land. If rulers are bad; floods, earthquakes, & riots will occur. Mandate of Heaven
Confucianism there is a natural order to the world. Bring order to society. 1. ordered person= duty 2. ordered relationship= superior/ inferior 3. ordered government= mandate of heaven
short lived dynasty because everyone hated it. Qin Dynasty
applied Confucianism to government. Most successful Chinese dynasty but fell like Rome Han Dynasty (silk road)
Gold- Salt Trade brought from Islam to West Africa
Mohammed, The Quran, Five Pillars of Islam Islam
Arabic Numerals, Algebra, beautiful mosques Golden Age of Islamic Culture
What is pledging loyalty for benefit & protection? Feudalism- kings, lords, knights,serfs
What was the Age between the Fall of Western Roman Empire & Renaissance? Middle Ages (1,000 years between)
What is The Byzantine Empire? Eastern Roman Empire. Code or Justinian collected Roman Laws. Eastern Orthodox religion
What is a Manor? lords house, serfs huts & the surrounding countryside
What is a Catholic Church? wealthiest and most powerful institution of the Middle Ages
Crusades war to take back the "Holy Land". Increased trade between Europe & Asia
Created by: pink99