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Government Terms

Unitary System power is in the central government - Cuba
Federal System power is shared between the central gov and the regional gov. Ex. USA
Confederation System a weak central gov and a strong regional (European Union)
Oligarchic Government Ruled by wealthy few. Citizens have very limited role. Ex. Communism
Autocratic Government single person having unlimited power. Citizens have little, if any, role. Ex. Dictatorship
Democratic Government the actual governing is carried out by the people governed (Direct Democracy) the power to do so is granted by them (representative democracy) example: republic
Parliamentary System Executive is part of and a member of the legislature. Ex. United Kingdom
Prime Minister Chief executive of a parliamentary gov., appointed by a ruler or elected by legislative branch (citizens do not directly elect)
Presidential System president is constitutionally independent of the legislature (Ex. USA and Russia)
Constitutional Monarchy Monarch is the head of State but has limited power Ex. Great Britain
Monarch a blood line (hereditary) sovereign such as King or Queen
Unicameral Legislature composed of one house
Bicameral Legislature composed of two house/chambers Ex. House of Representatives and Senate
Cabinet A group of persons acting as advisers for the executive branch of gov.
Legislative A branch of gov who makes the laws
Executive A branch of gov, who carries out laws
Judicial A branch of gov who enforces laws
Central Authority level of gov that is the main decision making organization throughout a country Ex. USA
Regional Authority level of gov that contains decsion-making for local (Acworth) and/or State (Georgia)
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