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Sem. 1, Part 5

Final Exam--Medieval Europe

Charlemagne Pope Leo III proclaimed _________ to be Emperor of the Romans because he crushed a rebellion in Rome.
Charles Martel stopped the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in France
serfs When ownership of a manor was granted to a new lord, the _____ remained bound to the land to serve the new lord
sacraments to achieve salvation, medieval Christians believed that they must take part in the ___________.
Benedictine Under the ________ Rule, monks and nuns took vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity
3-field During the Middle Ages in Europe, farming advancements took place with the development of the _________ crop rotation
Clovis The Frankish king _______ took the important step of converting to Christianity
liege lord a vassal owed his first loyalty to his __________________.
chivalry a code of conduct for Medieval knights
Pope the claim of papal supremacy held that the ____- had authority over all kings and emperors
Seljuk At the Council of Clermont in 1095, Pope Urban II rallied Christians to help Byzantine emperor Alexius I to drive the _____ Turks from the Holy land.
Isabella After the Reconquista of Spain was complete, Queen _____ launched a crusade against Jews and Muslims
Black Death there were large increases in wages and rices throughout Europe because of the loss of life during the _________________.
William the Conqueror strengthened his power after becoming king of England in 1066, by requiring every vassal to swear first allegiance to him and then established a tax system through the Domesday Book
Magna Carta King John of England had to sign the _________ to appease rebellious nobles angered over his abuse of power.
Jerusalem During the First Crusade in 1099, Christian knights succeeded in capturing ________.
Gothic the _________ style of architecture is noted for its flying buttresses and rose windows
Great Schism Pope Clement moved the papal court to Avignon, which weakened the power of the papacy and eventually led to the _____.
Constantinople the city of ______ commanded key trade routes linking Europe and Asia
Justinian the Corpus of Civil Law is one of ______'s most important achievements
Eastern Orthodox after the Great Schism of 1054, the Byzantine church became known as the ___________ Church
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