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Sem. 1, Part 4

Final Exam--Americas/Africa

Siberia Scholars believe the first people who arrived in the Americas came from _______.
Maya the ________ lived in present-day Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. They had the most sophisticated civilization of the Americas.
Aztec the nomadic people who migrated into the Valley of Mexico about 1200 are known as the ________.
quipu the Inca kept records of economic, religious, and other information with a system of colored strings called ____________
Cuzco All roads in the great Inca network led through the capital city of _______.
Sundiata Who was the first king of Mali?
Great Zimbabwe the greatest southern African civilization called ______, means "Great Stone House"
Mansa Musa gave so much gold away on his hajj to Mecca that the world's price of gold went down
Ghana was the African kingdom that was also known as the "Land of Gold"
Sahara when camels were brought to Africa from Asia, trade increased across the _______
Berbers Known as the "fleet of the desert", the ______ carried Islam and items such as gold and salt across the Sahara to the West African kingdoms
Timbuktu Mansa Musa created a cultural/capital center in Mali known as _________.
Created by: harmona71