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Med Term Chapter 3

Dooley's Med Term Chapter 3

hematopoietic pertaining to the formation of blood cells
cartilage shock absorber between bones/more elastic than bone
meniscus curved cartilage found in some joints
diaphysis shaft of a long bone
epiphysis wide end of a bone
foramen opening in bone through which vessels, nerves, ligaments pass
process normal projection on the surface of a bone
articulation joint
joint connection between bones
articulate join or come together in a manner that allows motion between parts
suture jagged line where bones join & form a joint that does not move
fontanel where sutures in skull do not close in babies
symphysis type of joint where two bones join and are held in place by cartilage
synovial joint moveable joint
ball & socket type of joint found at the hip, shoulder
hinge joint type of joint found at the elbow
ligaments join bone to bone
tendons join muscle to bone
synovial fluid type of fluid that lubricates the joints
bursa fibrous sac that lines the joints that acts as a cushion
axila skeleton protects majour organs of the body
appendicular skeleton made up of upper and lower extremities
extremities shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, feet
cranium skull/encloses the brain
auditory pertaining to hearing
auditory ossicles tiny bones of the middle ear
thoracic pertains to the chest
costals ribs
mandible bone of the lower jaw
maxilla bone of the upper jaw
sternum breast bone
clavicle collar bone
scapula shoulder blade
olecranon process large projection at the elbow/funny bone
coccyx tailbone
femur thigh bone
patella kneecap
tibia skinbone
phalanges fingers and toes
malleolus anklebone
arthr/o pertaining to a joint
arthralgia joint pain
bursa fibrous sac that cushions a joint
bursitis inflammation of the fibrous sac that cushion a joint
chondr/o joint
chondroma tumor of cartilage
chondromalacia abnormal softening of cartilage
hallux valus bunion/abnormal enlargement of the joint at the great toe
synovitis inflammation of the synovial membrane
luxation dislocation
arthr/o refers to a joint
bone form of connective tissue/one of hardest tissue within the body
myel/o bone marrow/spinal cord
marrow manufactures red blood cells/located in central portion of bone
periosteum tough, fibrous covering of the bone
compact bone hard, dense, very strong tissue that forms outer layer of bone
spongy bone lighter that compact bone/red marrow located here
medularry cavity central shaft of a bone that holds yellow marrow (fat)
meniscus curved fibrous cartilage that cushions the knee joints and the TMJ
orthotics orthopedic appliances that are designed to to improve the function of movable parts/ex: splints, braces
osteopathy any bone disease
ankylosis form of connective tissue/one of hardest tissue within the body
myel/o bone marrow/spinal cord
marrow stiffness in a joint esp. in elderly/abnormal hardening of a joint
periosteum tough, fibrous covering of the bone
chondroma hard, dense, very strong tissue that forms outer layer of bone
spongy bone lighter that compact bone/red marrow located here
medularry cavity central shaft of a bone that holds yeallow marrow (fat)
meniscus curved fibrous cartilage that cushions the knee joints and the TMJ
orthopedic appliances such as a brace, splint that correct deformaties
exostosis benign growth on the surface of a bone
oateoarthritis AKA wear and tear arthritis; inflammation of a joint; common in older population
gout type of arthritis caused by formation of uric acid crystals in the joint
rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune disorder; usually more severe that osteoarthritis; synovial membranes are inflammed and become painful and immobile
ankylosing spondilitis progressive stiffening of the spine caused by fusion of the vertebrae
lumbago pain in the lumbar spine
spondylitis inflammation of the vertebrae
spondylosis any degenerative disease of the vertebrae
spina bifida congenital defect; occurs early pregnancy; spinal canal fails to close and cover the spinal cord
kyphosis abn. increase in the outward curve of the thoracic spine; AKA "humpback" or "dowager's hump"
lordosis abn. increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine/ AKA "swayback"
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
ostealgia bone pain
osteitis inflammation of bone
osteomyelitis imflammation of bone and bone marrow
rickets deformity caused by deficient calcium and vitamin D in early childhood; results in demineralized bones
talipes congenital deformity in which the foot may be turned inward or outward/ AKA 'clubfoot'
Ewing's sarcoma malignant tumor of connective tissue usually occuring in children or adolescents
myeloma malignant tumor of the blood forming tissue of the bone marrow
osteoporosis marked loss of bone density and increase in bone porosity frequentlly associated with aging
compression fractue occur when one or more vertibrae become so weak they collapse spontaneously or with minimal stress/cause of dowager's hump
Colle's fracture AKA fractured wrist; fracture of lower end of radius from attempting to break a fall
osteoporotic hip fracture broken hip due to weakened bone from osteoporosis/can be from stress or spontaneous
fracture a broken bone
greenstick fracture common in children whose bones are more flexible/bone has been bent and is not broken all the way through
compound fracture severe fracture with broken bone end protruding through the skin
comminuted fracture sone is broken and has splintered or crushed bone splinters
compression fracture bone has pressed together onto itself
stress fracture small crack in bone that developes from chronic, excessive impact
crepitus crackling sensation felt and heard when ends of broken bone move together
arthrocentesis surgical puncture into a joint space for the purpose of removing accumulated synovial fluid for diagnostic analysis
arthroscopy visual exam of the internal structure of a joint using an arthroscope
bone density test diagnostic test that measure density of bone/helps diagnose osteoporosis, osteomalacia
bone marrow biopsy diagnostic test to determine why blood cells are abnormal/ performed by inserting a large needle into the sternum or ilium to remove bone marrow cells
bone scan radiographic test that uses nuclear medicine to detect bone cancer, osteomyelitis, or stress fracture
radiographs AKA plain film xrays/ used to visualize fractured bones
NSAIDS nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs/given to reduce pain and swelling & inflammation/ aspirin & ibuprophen are NSAIDs
acetaminophen AKA Tylenol/ OTC drug used to treat pain/ does not have th ability to reduce swelling or inflammation
bone marrow transplant AKA stem cell transplant/ used for treatment of cancers that affect bone marrow i.e. leukemias & lymphomas/pts bone marrow is destroyed then replaced with that of a donor
autologous transplant patients own marrow is harvested and used for the transplant
allogenic transplant BMT from a donor who has
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