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Sem 1 Exam Unit 3

Chapter 7 Religion

Christianity Religion based on the teachings of Jesus.
Islam Youngest of major world religions. Based on teachings of Muhammed. According to Islamic teachings Muhammed received the truth directly from Allah in a series of revelations.Buddhism
Buddhism Founded on 6 bce -believe that enlightenment would come through knowledge, especially self knowledge, elimination of greed, craving and desire. Values complete honesty and never hurting another person or animal. Splintered from Hinduism
Universalizing religions Christianity, Islam, Buddhism
Ethnic religions Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism
Judaism Religion with its roots in the teachings of Abraham who is credited with uniting its people to worship only one god.
Hinduism One of oldest religions in modern world. Originated in Indus River Valley. Does not have a single founder, theology or agreement on its origins.
Shintoism Located in Japan, related to Buddhism. Focuses on nature and ancestral worship
Taoism Founded by Lao-Tsu and based upon his book entitled Book of the Way. Focused on proper form of political rule and on the oneness of humanity and nature.
Feng Shui Means Wind-Water. Chinese art and science of placement and orientation of tombs, dwellings, buildings and objects. Structures and objects positioned in an effort to channel flows of "life breath".
Secularism Indifference to or rejection of formal religion.
Synkretic A blend of religious beliefs and traditions often forming a new religion
Created by: CJoannou