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FSHN 450-3 cancer

What kind of dieting increases risk of cancer? yo-yo dieting
Being overweight increases risk of what 2 cancers? breast and prostate
ACS plate method ¾ plant origin, ¼ animal
How many servings of F&V? 5-9
Food safety specific to cancer prevention avoid burning meat juices, limit grilled/cured/smoked meats
Four types of carcinogens environmental, microorganisms, chemical, radiation
Neoplastic diease growth of abnormal new tissue
Neoplasm tumor (benign or malignant)
Malignancy life threatening quality
Carcinoma epithelial origin
Sarcoma connective tissue origin
Lymphoma/leukemia blood and/or lymphatics system
Hydrocortisone aka prednisone
General cancer treatment side effects appetite changes, weight loss, N&V, constipation (some diarrhea), dry mouth, sore mouth, difficulty swallowing
When to withhold favorite foods? before, during, after radiation (aversions occur)
What hormone might be affected during chemo/nutritional consequences inappropriate ADH, sodium depletion may occur
Two classes of drugs to improve intake orexigenics (THC/cortico), antiemetics (reduce N&V)
Studies show cancer patients who receive counseling lose less weight, experience fewer side effects, overall better QOL
Food should be easy to chew, swallow, digest
Timing of meals small, best in AM
xerostomia definition dental caries
Xerostomia MNT no gummies, soft and moist
Avoid strong ___ foods/ ___ forming foods odors/flavors; gas
__ foods tolerated better than __ cold, hot
no unnecessary ____ restrictions
alcohol cancer glass of wine if not contraindictated; stimulate appetite & analgesic
poultry internal temp 165
ground beef temp 155
pork/beef/veal/lamb temp 145
fish temp 145
what types of cheese? must be pasteurized (brie, cambembert, queso, blue vein)
neutropenic diet no uncooked F&V (except w/ skins), wash cans, no miso/honey, no soft cheeses, no fresh salad dressings, no lunch meat
cessation of medical therapy does not preclude nutrition therapy
stages of acceptance denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
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