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Health Care Systems

This Health Care facitlity requires a fee for service Private Health Care
This Health Care facility is tax supported Government agencies
This Health Care facility is supported by membership fees, grants, and donations Voluntary or nonprofit
Hospitals and long-term care is an example of... Inpatient services
Clinics and provider offices is an example of... Outpatient services
Laboratories and mental health is an example of... Specialty services
This private health care facility varries in size and types of service provided and is classified based on source of income or services provided Hospitals
The classification of Hospitals.... Private, Propriety(for profit), Religious, Nonprofit or voluntary, government
Types of Hospitals are... General, specialty, governments, university or college medical centers, long-term care facilities(LTCF or LTC), extended care facilities, idependent/assited living
Medical Offices are private or individually owned
care of teeth dental offices
Health care professionals share staff, building, and supplies Clinic
Care for terminal patients Hospice agencies
tx for mental disorders, chemical abuse treatment Mental health facilities
Provide care care to assist with physical disablities Rehabilitation facilities
Health care delivery system and type of health insurance focus on preventable health Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
National agency that deals with US health problems US Dept. of Health and Human services (USDHHS)
Involved on research on disease National Instituets of Health (NIH)
Federal agency responsible for regulating food products and drug products Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Concerned with cause and spread of Disease Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC)
Provide immunizations, health tracel infor, food inspections State and Local/county health departments
International agency concerned with seriouse health issue globaly World Health Organization (WHO)
Establish and enforce standards that protect workers from j9obn related illness/injuries Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
amount that must be paid by the patient for medical services before policy begins to pay Deductible
Specific percentage of expense shared by patient and insureance Co-insurance
Specific amount of money a patient pays for service Co-payment
Restricts participant to certain providers that are contracted to provide care at a discount fee for services Preffered provider