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Final Exam


human dignity
cardinal virtues prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. These four virtuees play a pivotal role and accordingly are called cardinal
theological virtues faith,hope, and charity; bestowed at baptism, tse virtues have their origin and goal in God by relating us to the Holy trinity
the virtue of mercy
natural law The ancient traditions of reflection on the natural law offer a wide range of perspectives on nature and its nomative significance. Sexual relationships for the well-being of the species
option for the poor
the contraceptive mandate (in the aca or the ppca) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires covered employers for contraceptives. Employer based health insurance plans should provide coverage for contraceptives because it is insurable by law
humanae vitae
human embryonic stem cell research
habitus habits
beatific vision
christian or religious morality
Virtue Ethics from Kotva, Sophn, and Chan Chan looks at certain text in new testament and relates that to virtue ethics. Kotva wants virtue theory to follow scripture. Spohn admits scripture plays a role to certain issues, but they are deeper and more complex than that.
Margaret Farley importance of norms for just sex Norms for just sex relates to each norm work with how er are in relationship to one another.
Five steps to Conscience Formation? Develop in ourselves a desire for and attraction to the good. Strive to live good and virtuous lives Seek the counsel and adive of others Seek the advice and counsel of God Know, consult, and attend to the moral teachings traditions of the communities
Three main ideas for Congreation on the Doctrine of the Faith: Instructions Dignitas Persone On certain Bioethical Questions
Myth Number 9 Every Body, cell is somehow an embroyo and thus a human life, some people argue every cell in the body has the potentional to become an embryo so does that mean every time we wash our hands and are shedding thousands of cells we are killing life?
What is the premise of lecture and why?
What is Physicalism? Order of reason and nature which makes human nature based on the idea that the penis and vagina go together. Abortion and birth control frustrates that
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