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CJV Aztec History

Meso American

What is the capital and population of the capital of the Aztecs? Tenochtitlan 200,000
What is the language that the Aztecs spoke? Nahuatl
What did the Aztecs call themselves? Mexica or Tenochca
Where were the Aztecs located? Northern Mexico, Mexico City
Did the Aztecs have an alphabet? No
What were the three Empire Cities? Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlatelolco
What could tribute have been? People, animals, food
What are the four different classes of people in a calpolli? Noble, commoners, serfs, slaves
Who was Hernando Cortes? He concluded the Aztecs
How many cities paid tribute to the Empire? 489
Calpolli Tribe (20 clans)
Tribute Like a tax
Hereditary Someone from the family took over
What happened when you turned thirteen? School
How did the Aztecs bathe? Steam bath on hot stones, then jump in the freezing river
What were the houses made of? Adobe brick, and the roofs were thatched
Was wood furniture rare or common? When? Rare because they only had stone tools, and it was hard to get wood
Who picked who you married? Your parents
What was the school called, and what would boys/girls learn there? Tepuchalli, boys learned warfare, girls learned dancing and singing
What was the priest school called, and who was it from? Calmacac, and only for smart kids
What would the men and women wear? Men: loincloth, cloaks Women: blouse and skirts
What were the clothes made out of? Wealthy-cotton Poor-maguey plant
What food did they eat? Potatoes, peppers, squash, fresh meat, corn
What dessert food did they have? Chocolate and gum
What was different about their chores and ours? They were expected to participate in all of the work
The cacao bean was used for chocolate and what else? Money
What was a big part of Aztec life that we wouldn't even consider today? Sacrifice
Why did they worship gods? For good luck, and to repel harm
What was the sacrifice of blood supposed to give the gods? Power and strength
What did you do to become a jaguar knight? Kill, and skin a jaguar in a loincloth with a small knife
How do you become an eagle knight? Free climb a mountain, and get an eagle's feather, or live chick, or an unbroken egg safely down from the Eagles nest
Who were the order of arrows? Uninportant archers
What was tlatchti? A game with a solid rubber ball that you have to get the ball through the hoop
who was Taloc? the god of rain and farmers
Who was Chalchihiutlicue? moon goddess found pregnant and was executed by her brother
Who was Teccaatlopoca? sun god most powerful
Who was Quetzalcoatl? learning priesthood arts and crafts
Who was Huitziliopochtli? sun god of war chief god fought Quetzalcoatl
What happened every month? a festival with singing, dancing, sacrifices,
There was a god for every... day, month, year, job, time of day
Fighting was done by _______ and was considered a ______ ______ all men religious duty
The Aztec's taking captive war was what type of war? flower war
Taking captives gave you what? social status land political power
What weapons did the Aztecs have? swords, clubs, javelins, slings, bows and arrows, atlatl-dart thrower,
What did the Aztecs use as armor? padded cotton
Were the battles short or long? Why? short because they had little supplies
How do you lose battles? the people who retreat first lose.
The Aztec fought with _____ __ _____ combat hand to hand
The _____ was the basis of of all Aztec Society clan
What is the book of fate? the priests check in the book of fate for a lucky or an unlucky birth date
What did they give baby boys? weapons
What did the give baby girls? musical instruments or weaving tools
A clan was made of your family and ________ ________. extended family
What sometimes happened to the losers in tlatchti? sacrificed
How was the basket in Tlatchti decorated? It was decorated with a snake
How high was the basket in Tlatchti? 35ft
What was a popular Aztec board game? patolli
What did the Aztecs use as dice? beans with painted dots
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